Swingin’ Report Show #72: Halloween Special featuring The SEGA Fall Lineup

Fall is in the air, the leaves are changing color and new console and PC games are releasing from SEGA! This week on the Swingin’ Report Show podcast, George and Barry look back on SEGA’s scariest games, and discuss the latest current and upcoming SEGA titles. We discuss why The House of the Dead has endured as a franchise for so long, talk SEGA’s most underrated scary titles, share our thoughts on the recently released Alien: Isolation and Bayonetta 2, and celebrate Valkyria Chronicles PC release announcement.

We also look ahead to November, as Barry talks about his experience playing Sonic Boom for Wii U and 3DS at SEGA’s New York event and details the first issue of Archie’s Sonic Boom comic book. November’s console theme month is also revealed, and we tease an upcoming special edition podcast that is going to be Mega fun. Give it a listen and Happy Halloween!

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3 responses to “Swingin’ Report Show #72: Halloween Special featuring The SEGA Fall Lineup

  1. matty says:

    SPOOKTACULAR show, chaps!
    Guests are cool and all, but I really missed these intimate moments of just Barry and Geroge.

  2. This one’s not in iTunes.

  3. Nevermind, it looks like you changed hosts, so I just had to find it again and re-subscribe. Good episode.

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