Iwakura Productions to Fan Translate Sakura Taisen on PC

Iwakura Productions, known for their work on numerous Japanese fan translated games, has taken charge of translating SEGA and Red’s best selling dating sim/tactical role-playing game, Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars in the West) to English. The project is currently being worked on by three people and will have a brand new translation with no prior scripts to be used or referenced. So far, the game’s script is 1/12th finished. If anyone would like to volunteer for the translation project, click here and send comment to the project lead. For screenshots of the game in english, be sure to hit the jump!


2 responses to “Iwakura Productions to Fan Translate Sakura Taisen on PC

  1. landman says:

    I hope they can finish it… all 4 PC games. It’s strange to see they are translating it from scratch, having a base on gamefaqs we importers have been using for more than a decade… It would save time in completing the job.

  2. OriginalName says:

    Just double-checking, did they ask for volunteers? I’d love to offer my time as a translator, but I didn’t see a request in their post.

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