SEGA Tunes: Cutting corners while listening to Hang-On’s soundtrack

SEGA-AM2 could really thank most of its success to how popular the game Hang-On was in 1985. This game really opened up for all those other popular SEGA-AM2 peusdo 3D scaler games that we all love today like Space Harrier, Out-Run, Afterburner, and many more.

The track above is called ‘Theme of Love’ and love is probably what kids in the mid-eighties felt when they played this game for the first time. Every time I hear any music from a early SEGA-AM2 games it just fills me with nostalgia and Hang-On‘s Theme of Love does it the best. It just does everything right and is an excellent piece of music.

Now let’s look at Hang-On‘s main theme that sounds like something out of a excellent 80’s action movie, where our hero is given a challenge he doesn’t think he can overcome and trains for his comeback. That’s what this track is and basically what players felt coming back to the arcade after this game handed them their asses multiple times.

The last song we will be seeing as the lovely ‘Name Entry’ track, which would obviously play when you complete your turn at the game and enter your name to be ranked. If you where me, this was a sad time when you lost way before your time, so having a nice track like this always makes sucking feel better.


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  1. Pablo Gomez says:

    The fondest memories from my early childhood, were the afternoons I spent with my dad at “Palacito”, one of the many arcades that used to exist in Valdivia, Chile and inside those memories, playing Hang-on on the deluxe cabinet that looked just liked a bike.

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