SEGA Tunes: Bust down the door and jam to Virtua Cop’s OST

SEGA AM2 has a huge library of developed games, but nothing is more shocking at how much they change genres and still delivered a game that would defy that same genre. For example, Virtua Cop which in my opinion is one of the best light gun shooters around.

Nothing has a bigger impact on you than the first stage’s music. Its the song that draws the player into the game and Virtua Cop succeeds with its Stage 1 Theme: “Arms Black Market”, giving you that feeling that you and a buddy really are taking down this black market gun rig.

The next track we will be looking at is titled ‘Gang Headquarters’ and this one is a great dance track and possibly what Japanese people think gang members would play in their crack dens or other shady places of business. Regardless of the setting, this is a great track that should be on your phone or musical listening devices.

Everytime I would hear the “Underground Weapons Storage” track in the SEGA Saturn version of Virtua Cop, I would picture a sleazy club being lit by neon colored lights full of shady people that I, as a cop, will most likely shoot in the face (if real life is like this game, of course). You have to love this game’s soundtrack.

Let’s end a look at Virtua Cop’s soundtrack with the game’s ending credit music titled ‘Fin’. This smooth soundtrack really winds down the player after all the other upbeat music the game threw at them (and various drug king pins as well). This is one of those tracks that you can play on a hard day when you are just getting home from work and looking to unwind.

What was your favorite track from the Virtua Cop soundtrack? Let us know in the comments below. 


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