Check It Out: Sonic the Hedgehog Medley Performed Live!

Full disclosure: I know the bass player in this video, he’s marrying my wife’s best friend. But regardless of whether I know him or not, it’s a good set! I was there live the night they played this. The group is called Beta Test and they perform in and around the Philadelphia, PA area. The night they performed this, March 3, 2012, they also played music from Super Mario Land and the Zelda series. I asked my wife which set she liked most and she said the Sonic one. I asked if she was just saying that because I was the one asking, but she said she honestly liked the Sonic music the most! If she had said “Mario”, it would not have been a good night.


3 responses to “Check It Out: Sonic the Hedgehog Medley Performed Live!

  1. Star Light is my favorite part. My favorite Sonic 1 stage and tune.

  2. Jkun says:

    This is the type of songs I want at my wedding!

  3. natsume says:

    great, they should perform some iwadare music like farwell to sue and grandia II boss track

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