SEGA Japan shows off new Game Gear, Master System 3DS themes




If last month’s 3DS themes weren’t enough to make you envy Japanese gamers, this week’s ought to do it. 3DS has received two more SEGA console themes, this time centering on the Game Gear and the Master System.  

The themes are loaded with fan service, of course. The Game Gear theme is sporting the Green Hills Zone theme from its version of Sonic 2 and folders made out of 3D Game Gear cartridges, while the Master System theme features an 8-bit rendition of the Space Harrier song and 3D gold cartridge folders (which were a line of Master System cartridges in Japan).

Though I couldn’t find a price, the themes are likely going for 200 yen/$1.50 like last month’s themes. Having a Game Gear theme on my Nintendo handheld would be oh-so perfect, so hopefully we’ll eventually see their release stateside. Fingers crossed!

Check out the Master System theme below.



2 responses to “SEGA Japan shows off new Game Gear, Master System 3DS themes

  1. Cupcake says:

    Awesome with the Game Gear theme. The memories of bringing Sonic with me, I was still playing it when everyone was playing Game Boy Color.

    I hope this theme comes out in the US. I loved the Game Gear.

  2. Supa says:

    How mean.

    When I scrolled down, I happened to stop on the page where the headline read “SEGA Japan shows off new Game Gear,”

    It got me really excited before I noticed the comma and the second line.

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