Alex Kidd, Billy Hatcher and more join the “Worlds Unite” crossover


More characters have been officially revealed in the lineup for the upcoming Sonic/Mega Man (or is it now Sega/Capcom?) crossover event “Worlds Unite”. IGN has started day 2 of the reveals. Now entering the fray will be Billy Hatcher, Alex Kidd, Viewtiful Joe and Nina from the Breath of Fire series. In fact, Ian Flynn has revealed that the full cast of Breath of Fire 3 will be involved. Ian has also stated on Twitter that should NiGHTS appear (hypothetically speaking, of course) that it would be the game universe and not a revisit to the Archie comic universe of NiGHTS last seen in 1998. The full roster of characters will be revealed day by day this week so stay tuned!


2 responses to “Alex Kidd, Billy Hatcher and more join the “Worlds Unite” crossover

  1. MAx says:

    Dude, this is incredible. Any guesses from the silhouettes on other characters?! I really want the one on the left to be Amaterasu…

  2. Shigs says:

    The Monster Silhouette on the upper left is the Gore Mangala from Monster Hunter 4. That’s Firebrand below it and NiGHTS below him, I’m sure.

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