More Sonic & Mega Man crossover art – Knuckles and Shadow meet their rivals

Archie Comics has released more promotional art for their 2013 Sonic & Mega Man crossover event. This time they’re showing off Sonic’s rivals who, in turn, have their own rivals. Looks like Knuckles will be meeting Mega Man’s rival Proto Man, while Shadow will meet Bass. I gotta say, these team ups really work well! Far better than a Mario crossover, in my opinion. So who is next? While, I’d imagine Tails will be paired with Doctor Light and I’d love to see Amy Rose paired with Tron Bonne. I could even see more obscure Archie Sonic characters, like Sonic’s dog Muttski, paired with Mega Man’s dog Rush. After the break, check out Shadow and Bass as well as a larger image of the Sonic & Mega Man logo.

Shadow is fittingly teamed with Bass

The awesome Sonic & Mega Man logo


8 responses to “More Sonic & Mega Man crossover art – Knuckles and Shadow meet their rivals

  1. sonicplayer says:

    Hmmm maybe we’ll see Amy and Roll, and Tails and Rush next. And Mario crossover, since when.

  2. Jaggar Aerd says:

    Tron Bonne isn’t in the universe of Protoman, so that probably wouldn’t happen

  3. Yo Dude says:

    The headline says ‘more’

    Can you link the first set?

  4. jingoi says:

    So much hate on sstadium. Wanted a Sonic/Megaman crossover since I discovered MvC action figures.

  5. Chaosmaster8753 says:

    Random pairing: Cream and Roll.

  6. Mattwo says:

    Is muttski even still in sonic’s comic?

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