Contest: Win a 3D OutRun download code for Nintendo 3DS


3D OutRun releases tomorrow to the Nintendo 3DS, and we’re so excited that – thanks to our friends at SEGA – we’re giving away copies of the game to fans on all of our social networks! The contest is open to fans in the Americas and EU, and we are giving away codes on the following networks:

  • Twitter – Follow SEGAbits and retweet the dedicated contest tweet – 3 Americas and 3 EU codes will be awarded
  • Facebook – Like SEGAbits and share the dedicated contest post -3 Americas and 3 EU codes will be awarded
  • Instagram – Follow SEGAbits and leave a comment telling us your region – 2 Americas and 2 EU codes will be awarded
  • (you’re already here!) – Leave a comment below telling us why you’re excited to play 3D OutRun and tell us your region, use a valid email address when leaving your comment – 1 Americas and 1 EU code will be awarded

Fans can enter on any network, and there is no limit to how many networks you enter on. The more networks, the more chances you have to win! Contest ends Sunday, March 15th


88 responses to “Contest: Win a 3D OutRun download code for Nintendo 3DS

  1. Tanner says:

    I’ve never actually played Outrun but I’ve seen reference to it in so many SEGA crossover games. From what I’ve heard this is the BEST version of it, and so I’m super excited to try it out on my New 3DS XL!

  2. Hibiki Rush says:

    60fps! This will be stellar.

  3. Shayddar says:

    I am looking forward to playing this game. I have always been a fan of sega since I am kid.

    • Shayddar says:

      I forgot my region (US). I haven’t had the opportunity to play this game because I didn’t have the console to play this game. Thanks for the contest.

  4. Martin says:

    I’m most excited to play OutRun 3D because I find this game to be kinda fun!

  5. Zonic505 says:

    Because I really enjoyed Online Arcade on Xbox Live Arcade and would like to try the original.

  6. Dylan says:

    Nostalgia avenue, here I come

  7. angrorider says:

    Because it’s Outrun! And I love the Magical Sound Shower better than a golden one.

  8. WrongEnemy7 says:

    Eu is my region. Well i love outrun, for multiple reasons like music, ferrari, multiple paths to take and the list goes on. It’s just a great game, but the reason why im excited about the 3ds release is all the changes they have made car sprites and additional stuff they’ve added like music and car upgrades.
    Even if I don’t win the code I’m going to buy it anyway.

  9. IrishNinja says:

    Region 1/US – because OutRun is the best arcade racer ever and the 3D series has been fantastic so far! Thanks guys.

  10. Luiz Felipe says:

    Incredible game. I play a lot years ago!

  11. Norah Smith says:

    I’ve been enjoying the whole 3D Classics series, and was pretty surprised Outrun wasn’t in the first batch of games. Excited to try it now. US region.

  12. StevenMurillo says:

    I live by the beach and everytime im on the palm tree lined roads i feel im in outrun bay , I cant wait to play this on the go cruising to splash wave.
    I need to drive to those new tunes that are only in this version and unlock the cars.
    Region US

  13. David Adams says:

    I’m excited because I only got to play the arcade version of Outrun a couple of times, and this would give me the chance to actually beat it! If I win, I’ll need a North American code.

  14. Darco says:

    Region EU. When I was a kid, my family and me went on vacation on an italian island during summer. I think it was around 1988. So we took a very big ship, and near the cabin’s corridor, there was a tiny room with three arcade boards and two youngsters. One of the board was OutRun and I played it for almost fourty minutes. Graphics, music and speed were very impressive for sure, but more, it was in a sense the prologue of my vacation, and today it’s still represents that nostalgic mood for me : childhood, family, better times, and this forgotten ability to be enthusiastic with simple things.

  15. ZeroZXL says:

    I remember playing this on the Arcade, can’t wait to try this out on my 3DS!
    Region US

  16. Rico Manera says:

    Half the time I spent playing Shenmue 2 I spent in the arcade playing Outrun! I used to own the Mega Drive version and spent a summer playing it along with Space Harrier 2 and Afterburner. I’d love to be able to play it during my commute on the train. Classic soundtrack, and just the game for the summer coming up!

    Region US.

  17. Alex says:

    I wanna replay this Yu Suzuki and M2 Masterpiece
    region US

  18. I’ve played Outrun on Genesis, Outrun 2006 on PS2, and Outrun 2 SP in an arcade, but I never played the arcade version of the original or even seen it in person. One thing I do know is that the Sega 3D Classics on 3DS, and Nintendo’s 3D Classics like Excitebike and Kid Icarus, are the best way to experience these games on the go and I’m committed to collecting them all. I especially love the Sega 3D Classics for their customization options, so this is the best way for me to finally experience the arcade version of Outrun for the first time bar none.

  19. Eric Eduardo Weichhart says:

    I played the arcade version once during a vacation and I really liked, but I still want to play more… So there is my reason actually lol

  20. CMTrance says:

    Because this was a fun racing game and i’d like to play it again but in glorious 3D! 😉
    Region: Americas (Canada)

  21. Cyrus says:

    I love me some Outrun!

  22. Keklar says:

    I’m excited to play for nostalgia and for some great 3D! 🙂

  23. Doc says:

    Gotta go fast.

  24. Doc says:

    Region is US.

  25. Noku says:

    Because i want to feel the 60pfs, the soundtrack, the new extras in my 3DS
    Region US

  26. Manbir says:

    Guyz i did the like and share thing on fb but i didn’t recieve the code plz help me.

  27. Jumbomax says:

    I’ve always liked Outrun. I hope to get this someday.

  28. Hitrax says:

    How are you able to get these from Sega? Is Sega aware of the Sega Bits website and agreed for a joint compo?

  29. Hitomajiri says:

    It’s a classic! And the music is awesome, too! (Americas)

  30. AfterBurnerTeirusu says:

    It’s an amazing game with a great soundtrack.

  31. AfterBurnerTeirusu says:


  32. iPawn4 says:

    Because I use to play this game a lot on arcade before. I wanted to experience playing this game again on 3D.


  33. Emmanuel says:

    I love Outrun since the beginning thanks to its fantastic gameplay and soundtrack 🙂

  34. AfroRyan says:

    I’m excited for anything M2 puts out! Specifically related to Outrun, I’m excited to chill to its great tunes. I have an American 3DS.

  35. Krauser0 says:

    I want play my favorite game again. US region here

  36. James says:

    it’s a classic! i remember playing this when i was so young. 3D OutRunhas been my go to racing game when i was down. and playing this again on my 3ds would be pure nostalgic bliss.

  37. Fran says:

    I’m very excited to play 3D OutRun in my 3DS because I love the arcade games. 🙂
    My region is Europe!

  38. KGS says:

    I’m looking forward to playing 3D Outrun because of the new music. Specifically, there’s a new track in the game that was written by Jaelyn Nisperos a.k.a chibi-tech, a western chiptune artist who moved to Japan and is now working at M2. She’s been there for a few years now and has contributed to a lot of their projects for Sega, including the menu music for the Sega Vintage Collection releases, but getting to write a new tune for Outrun (and an arcade-authentic tune, at that!) is something else entirely. I wouldn’t say I’m “proud”, exactly–I don’t know her and have nothing to do with her or her success–but it’s really cool to see people from the hobbyist scenes being able to secure such prestigious gigs, especially international ones like this one.

    Also, I wanna drive really fast.

    (region 2/UK)

  39. Blizniak says:

    Can’t wait to try it. EU here.

  40. Fany says:

    I love cars! I wish I won this awesome game!
    I’m from Europe. 🙂

  41. Dan says:

    I haven’t played OutRun in years! Hearing how good this version is has made me want to jump straight back in, I’m sure it’ll all come back naturally… Though I was never too good at the game haha!

  42. Jackson says:

    I was brought up on this. Would love the chance to relive old memories and show my kids what daddy used to play when I was their age! Jackson, Uk

  43. SkyBlue says:

    Are people really that poor that they want to enter a contest and not buy the game otherwise?

    If you really love OutRun, then why not just pay the $5/7 it is on the eShop, rather than following a website you’ll likely only come to for competitions?

    If the contest was for all the Wave 2 games, I’d be more understanding, but it’s one game that won’t break the bank, and only one winner will be given the code anyway (or two, given the regions).

    Just my opinion, is all.

  44. Leigh says:

    Would love to win 🙂

  45. Christian says:

    I remember when I was a kid and my neighbour had Outrun. I was always so jealous of him. The fact that I now have a 3ds and can finally own it?!? Growing up is awesome!
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  46. Michael Hughes says:

    Hiro. ‘Nuff said.

  47. rann says:

    It’s a face paced and fun arcade game! US region. Thanks for the chance ^_^b

  48. goborn88 says:

    Because i cannot afford a real ferrari !!!

    Also i have always been a massive fan of the franchise. I was only about 6 years old when it came out on arcades but still pumped all my pennies into the machine, and if i remember right, it had a little hanging sonic from the rear mirror



  49. Jio_Wolfen says:

    This timeless classic brings back memories of my childhood and my family when i used to go to the arcades with my father and uncle, i played this games for hours, they always said that i was a loose canon driver HAHAHAHA, can’t wait to remember those nostalgic and super fun times

  50. Pants says:

    The 3D classics have all been stellar. I hope more continue to come to my US region.

    I get to relive my childhood with bonuses and quality? Yes. Always yes.

  51. MICHIO says:

    I don’t think I ever had a chance to play the original version of Outrun, so I’m exicited to be able to play the 3D version.

  52. Gabriel says:

    I never played Outrun, but it looks right up my alley! Considering the quality of the previous Sega 3D releases, I’m sure this port will be excellent.

    (NA region)

  53. Sean furze says:

    I would like the 3d outrun dk code because I spent a lot of my childhood playing it on the master system which I still own and play

  54. Charles says:

    Used to be one of my favourite games on the Genesis.
    US Region.
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  55. J E says:

    I like the convenience of having several classic Sega titles available at one time, such as in collections or through the 3DS eShop. OutRun has had a somewhat limited distribution compared to some of Sega’s other properties in this regard and my copy of the Sega Smash Pack is showing its age, so I’m looking forward to this release.

    My region is United States.

  56. Rhansley64 says:

    Back when I was a kid I was mostly gaming on consoles. Arcade games like Outrun I only had a chance to play them when I visit my local pizza hut since they were the only ones that had those arcades in the mid 90’s. Sadly those great arcade games are no longer their. But I was lucky enough to play the console version but never had the opportunity to buy my own copy of the game. (Mostly do to the limit copies my local retailer stocked and the fact that PS and Nintendo were the dominant players at the time (5th and 6th gen)). 3D Outrun might be the 1st time I play any Outrun games in 10 years so i’m excited to once again play this awesome game this time on the go. (Americas region)

  57. Chipman42 says:

    I’d love to be able to get this! Never played Outrun before! 🙂

  58. Carlos Augusto says:

    I’m from Brazil and since Nintendo left here and does not accept credit cards from here I have no other way to play this game. This is the only chance I have left to get this game. I hope I can get it.
    Only US region games work here for me, therefore this is the region I choose.
    Thanks for the shot.

  59. ZushidotomoThe3DHero says:

    I grew up with SEGA and I absolutely love their retro games! (Europe region)

  60. AmetDj says:

    OutRun is life. Period.

    Europe by the way 😉

  61. WRichter says:

    I would love to play outrun because its one of the SEGA classics that I used to play on my genensis (if you have a streets of rage code…) (EU region)

  62. Deekman says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been good enough to beat a single level of Outrun. Excited to be able to practise with this version on the go! (US region)

  63. ShadidForce says:

    I’ve always liked OutRun, played a bit of the 1st one but 2 was the love letter for me, and knowing it’s being brought back this way makes all of it worth the play! Europe here!

  64. Demetrious says:

    Perfect place to start my AM2 marathon!

  65. I’ve never had the opportunity to play this game, but certainly looking forward to it! I love playing anything that has a retro feel to it, and in 3D? Count me in! I’m from the Americas. 🙂

  66. Jenna Maroney says:

    I’m an Amurrican who loves blue skies and music that makes me cry. Ain’t nothing better than Outrun!

  67. James Donnellon says:

    Region: NA

    I’m excited because I have never played this before and it seems like a good fit on 3DS!

  68. Kolma says:

    Commenting for america.

    Loved outrun as a kid mainly playing Outrunners on the genesis and later Outrun on XBLA

    Really excited to finally play the original in its best format. (Outrun for Saturn is just way too expensive)

  69. Ben Dawson says:

    Region: EU

    I have always loved Outrun, and felt the remake of it on Xbox Live Arcade was a poor carbon copy compared to the original. This 3DS version will be the closest we get to perfection of the title on modern consoles.

  70. Andhika says:

    why i love outrun?

    ARE YOU KIDDING?! This cross country game is the most played game i ever have on my sega megadrive when i was a kid!!

    One time i see the arcade for this game and it was a blast!

    Always love the soundtrack and the drivers of this game.. HYPE!!

  71. Adiguna P.W. says:

    Region America

    Why I’m excited? Cause it’s SEGA
    Yep, SEGA.
    SEGA making me hype.

  72. Sean G says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the SEGA 3D Classics I have so far… may as well keep hoarding more!

  73. sonic3Dblast says:

    I’ve had the first one for the “GENESIS” and I loved it. It takes me back to homeschool days. *sigh*.

  74. Fermín says:

    I want to play it :3

    EU region 😀

  75. Calvin says:

    I’m excited to play Outrun because I love driving games, I love Sega games, I love the music, and really there is nothing not to love here so uh. I’m pumped.

    North America

  76. Khaloudy Walid says:

    I used to love this game when i was 3 because everytime i go to my favorite arcade place i play outrun first. it was soo beautiful! Yet i couldnt reach to the Paddles, my dad Helps me out. Once i heard about this giveaway. itll be a good chance to get my memories back. ☺

  77. I really enjoyed OutRun Online Arcade on Xbox 360, but I’ve not played the original– especially with all the new stuff added!

    Plus, I really enjoyed Rad Racer as a kid, and learning it was inspired by Out Run… well, it just made me want to play the inspiration all the more!

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