Hortensia Saga – New Trailer

After the roaring success of SEGA’s free to play mobile RPG Chain Chronicles the company seems to be investing big in mobile RPGs. Next in line is Hortensia Saga, like Chain Chronicles before it, Hortensia Saga uses the 3×3 grid for tactical-RPG gameplay. The trailer shows off some gameplay, characters as well as some pretty well animated anime cut-scenes.

No word yet on a Western release but if Chain Chronicles is anything to go by we can expect a Western release by Gumi.


6 responses to “Hortensia Saga – New Trailer

  1. Trippled says:

    I woudnt say a western release is a guarentee. Only if it’s a hit, and so many f2p games fail…

  2. Sharky says:

    SEGA have a far greater hit than miss ratio, and even their ‘failures’ were hardly failures according to their recent report on their mobile games.

    • Trippled says:

      Well every fiscal year they post about 5 games that are a failure in the F2P line-up. This could be one of them, or not.

  3. landman says:

    Sega won’t invest in the localization of this, unless Chain Chronicle by Gumy actually did great in the west, and for the few I’ve seen about the community it seems to be more about exploiting the frebies than spending money in it (completely understandable because what you can buy is actually a steal, if Japanese people… I won’t say players… spend millions in this, I’ll say they are nuts).

  4. Sharky says:

    I’m reasonably sure Chain Chronicles has done well everywhere. Remember 80% of f2p players WONT spend a dime, but the remaining 20% pay enough to keep the game incredibly profitable… And they do so because there are enough players to keep them coming back for more. That is the beauty of f2p if the game is great, the servers will always be full of players.

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