Joseph Kim to lead SEGA West’s mobile efforts


Yesterday SEGA announced that Joseph Kim, formerly of the studio FunPlus, has been named SEGA’s vice president of product. Kim is being tasked with managing the mobile product strategy in Western markets. Sega Networks COO Chris Olson said “This position is instrumental in pulling all three of our wholly owned studios and two studio investments together to drive Sega’s success on mobile. Kim’s rich background in successfully bringing games to market along with his experience in consulting and analytics makes him the best candidate for the job, and we look forward to seeing him work his magic.” Kim had this to say regarding his role: “In mobile gaming, the best is yet to come. I look forward to working with the teams at Sega to help deliver awesome game experiences to existing and future Sega customers.”

Of course, what really matters are Kim’s results, so it will be interesting to see if there is any major shifts in SEGA’s mobile output moving forward. Hey, Joseph, if you are reading this: bring some of those Puyo Puyo’s sitting with you to the West!



2 responses to “Joseph Kim to lead SEGA West’s mobile efforts

  1. cussypat says:

    Ok that is good news. But speaking about sega. What is there is a huge succes? Will it impact in a way that we get more console games? Or will it br like. Ok we have succes ah consoles no not anymore. U cant really get happy nor over worried. Gotta stay sceptical

  2. EnternalHope says:

    @Cussykat. Sega Games,Ltd is less focused on 3rd party games and more laser focused on PC,Mobile and Arcade games.

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