Special interview with Ross Kilgariff, the creator of Harlequest!


Many of you probably remember the announcement of Harlequest!, a brand new action RPG in development for Sega Dreamcast that is now live on Kickstarter. As of this writing, there are 5 days remaining for the Kickstarter to raise as much money as possible.

Since I have written that article, I have gotten the opportunity to speak with the game’s main creator, Ross Kilgariff (ross:codes) to learn more about him and the inspirations behind Harlequest! Check in after the break to hear more from the man himself. Special thanks goes to Ross for reaching out to us for this opportunity.

New 3D Dreamcast Dungeon Crawler “HarleQuest!” now on Kickstarter

A brand new indie dungeon crawling RPG has just been announced for Dreamcast and PC (Including Mac and Linux), called HarleQuest!, and has begun its bid for crowdfunding on Kickstarter on April 1st. No foolin’.

Being developed by Ross Kilgariff, with assistance by Alastair Low of LowTek Games (Who have experience with Dreamcast development, porting indie NES games to the console), HarleQuest! is envisioned as a “high difficulty, procedurally-generated dungeon crawler” inspired by Gauntlet, Diablo, The Legend of Zelda, MidiEvil, and “SoulsBorne” games such as the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. The dungeon layouts will be randomized, many different weapons and loot will be scattered around for the taking, fearsome enemies and giant bosses lurk around most corners, the option of co-op multiplayer is there, and best of all, the game will be in full 3D, a rarity for independent Dreamcast games. At the time of this writing, HarleQuest! has raised $8,214 of the $13,811 needed and has kept a good momentum after the Kickstarter campaign went live.

Go check out the Kickstarter page now, which is running until April 30th 2023, or check in after the break for more info from us at SegaBits.

SEGA and LINE announce mobile RPG Fortisia for Android and iOS

SEGA has just announced that they are developing a new mobile RPG entitled Fortisia, due out for Android and iOS. The game is being jointly developed with LINE, a Japanese mobile company best known for their chat application that has since grown to include games. While LINE’s past games are more geared toward casual gamers, the hope is that Fortisia will draw in “mid-core” and perhaps even hardcore gamers.

Fortisia is described as a 3D action RPG and will feature multiplayer with up to four players. While players will be able to design their own characters, as is typical with most action RPGs, one unique element to the game is that the game’s weapons (called “Fortis”) contain the spirits of warriors which can be called upon to aid in battle. It is said that there are 400 of these weapons, and they are obtained via a gacha system (think capsule toy vending machine).

You can check out the game’s official site here for more screens and details.

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X’s Quest Mode adds RPG like loot drops

hatsunemikuprojectx1SEGA is hard at work with their new Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X video game, which is set to add a bit of a RPG touch to its new Quest Mode evolving various attributes and some looting system. Live Quest Mode consist of different elemental areas such as: Neutral Area, Cute Area, Cool Area, Beauty Area, and Chaos Area.

The game happens to use Modules and accessories that have their own elements, so if you happen to use them with the element on the stage it will boost your voltage rating (see featured image above) and will earn items more effectively.

Modules will also give you skills that will help you out. For example there is a “Recover” type skill that helps you cover missed inputs and a “Rate Up” skills that add more to your voltage gain. There is even module skills that affect module drop rates. Hit the jump to see some tracks and modules used in the upcoming game.

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Atlus’ launch day edition of The Legend of Legacy is pretty awesome


The Legend of Legacy is a Nintendo 3DS RPG developed by Furyu and this game is actually mean’t to be the spiritual sequel to the long running SaGa series. Atlus USA seemed to be pretty impressed with the game since they picked up US publishing rights, while NIS America will publish it in Europe (yeah, weird).

Atlus just announced a firm date of release, the game will hit North American shelves on October 13th. Not only that, they also showed off the ‘Launch Edition’ which comes with the following items:

  • A copy of the game
  • Collector’s box
  • 10-track Masashi Hamauzu original soundtrack
  • Premium 40-page hardcover art book featuring character artwork, concept sketches, monster pages, and background art, accompanied by commentary from the game’s character artist Tomomi Kobayashi

How much is this ‘Launch Day’ edition going to cost you, the consumer? The regular price of $39.99, which is actually cheaper than most recent Atlus 3DS releases (they have been priced at $49.99). Hey, support the game early and get free stuff. Can’t complain.


Hortensia Saga – New Trailer

After the roaring success of SEGA’s free to play mobile RPG Chain Chronicles the company seems to be investing big in mobile RPGs. Next in line is Hortensia Saga, like Chain Chronicles before it, Hortensia Saga uses the 3×3 grid for tactical-RPG gameplay. The trailer shows off some gameplay, characters as well as some pretty well animated anime cut-scenes.

No word yet on a Western release but if Chain Chronicles is anything to go by we can expect a Western release by Gumi.

Shining Resonance: A new Shining RPG by the developers of the Wild Arms series


It seems that SEGA isn’t done with the Shining IP, at least not for now. SEGA is still working on and promoting their Shining fighting arcade game and now they revealed that they are working on a Shining RPG for the Playstation 3. The game is called ‘Shining Resonance‘ and is being developed by Media Vision (Wild Arms series, Shining Ark and Valkyria Chronicles III). Tony Taka is also being confirmed as returning for the game’s character designs.

After the break we take a look at the first character announced, Kirika Towa Alma.

tri-Ace shows off new engine, could this power Resonance of Fate 2?

When Resonance of Fate was first announced, SEGA pledged ten years of support for the franchise. I assume this meant they were going to make more than one of the games. The game received a good metacritic score, but didn’t sell a million copies. SEGA has been tight lipped and tri-Ace hasn’t really announced any new games being developed…

But they did update their website with a new engine they are working on. The scene being rendered is not a specific game, just used to show off the new lighting and shading. If you read up on it, it says it was rendered running real-time on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, at 720p. More info can be found here.

So, the question is, would many of you guys be interested in a sequel to Resonance of Fate running on this engine?

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Pier Solar is a new RPG for the SEGA Genesis

Pier Solar started off life in 2004 in an internet forum, flash forward to now and its a full fledge game. In the game you play as Hoston, a young botanist who has to save his father from a illness. The game uses 64 meg cart, if you didn’t know, that is some intense power and is the biggest Genesis cart ever.

You can order the game via its official website.

The game has already gone into re-print due to overwhelming fan demand. It looks pretty good and I might order a copy for myself soon. As for screenshots, hit the jump.

Neptune screenshots are released

Neptune, a game being developed by Compile Hearts and being published by SEGA, is going to take ‘console wars’ to another level. The game will be an RPG, to read more information click here.

As for the screens, the graphics are very PS2 like, not that it is a bad thing. Just expected better. I hope the game is fun and there is a English release. I can dream, right?

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