Download the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round texture mod for the ultimate Shenmue fight

Reddit user Esppiral
has posted the following texture modifications for the PC release of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Sadly modders haven’t figured out how to swap models (yet?), so the user went in and used a base model and changed the textures to make them look like Shenmue characters. He not only created Ryo (using Jacky as a base model) and Lan Di (using Akira as a base model) but also included the famous dojo.

Download the mods here:

If you bought the game on Steam (or any other service) and want to learn how to install texture mods, hit the jump.

From NeoGAF:

1. Download uMod v2 r53
2. Extract it and run uMod.exe
3. Main > Use global hook
4. Main > Add game (navigate to your DOALR game.exe)
5. Run game with uMod still open
6. Alt-tab out of the game
7. Drag .dds files from Windows explorer to the blank white space in uMod under ‘Title | A | D | Author’ etc
8. Go back into the game, with uMod still running

Done!! Run uMod before running the game each time to have your modified textures


5 responses to “Download the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round texture mod for the ultimate Shenmue fight

  1. Nice! When I heard how someone made nude mods of the girls so soon, I knew other mods would be quick to follow, just did not expect some Shenmue the next day!

  2. landman says:

    Jacky as Ryo and Akira as Lan Di? Ryo should be Akira, and Lan Di… ok, there is hardly any similar character to Lau in DOA. I understand they have chosen them because of their clothes, but I don’t think I want to play them or even see them fight with a totally different fighting stile. Still great job, I hope they can properly model swap them in the future, with Ryo’s face and Akira’s movements.

  3. Jio_Wolfen says:

    maybe Gen Fu should have been Lan Di, nonetheless great job i love when modders get their hands on a game on pc and do stuff like this

  4. Hitrax says:

    A slight critique aside from the others mentioned above, is that the bottoms of Lan Di’s trousers have been textured wrong, he doesn’t have a white trim edge on his suit, except for the arm sleeves.

  5. jimi Andreas says:

    very cool i hope my xbox ver comes out with one

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