Shenmue I & II HD PC fan made HD texture pack now works with Shenmue II

Just the other day we talked about Shenmue I & II getting HD texture packs by modder Dragean, the first released only supported the first Shenmue game. Now they have updated the texture mod to work in Shenmue II. Like last time, this is an ongoing project so there will be updates as time goes on.

Just like the first texture pack we outlined, Shenmue II‘s texture pack is focused more on the environments by remaking the textures from scratch. As of right now the Shenmue II texture pack has new textures for South Carmain Qt, 1 street in Green Market Qt, room textures in the Come Over Guest House and Aberdeen Pier.

As always you can download the mods here.

[Via: DSOGaming]

Sonic Mania PC to launch with bug fixes coming later to consoles, encourages modding


Tomorrow the Sonic Mania PC version will be coming out and fans that have waited might be excited to find out that the PC version will include new bug fixes that haven’t appeared in the console versions. Not only that, Sonic Mania PC version will encourage modding, unlike rumors that have been spreading since the game was delayed. The rumor was that SEGA held the PC port back so they can add protection against modifications.

According to Sonic Mania PC’s Steam EULA:

“SEGA encourages its users to express their creativity and enhance the experience of our games through the creation of modifications (including but not limited to new items, weapons, characters, models, textures, levels, story lines, music and game modes) for use with the Product (“Mod” or “Mods”)… and users that create Mods”

As for Sonic Mania PC supporting Steam Workshop, it seems that is not the case. According to Sonic the Hedgehog PR guru, Aaron Webber, there are no current plans to support Steam Workshop. If this is something that is important to you, I suggest you write a 180 character tweet over to Aaron and let them know how you feel!

SEGA Mega Drive Classics hub to support Steam Workshop and modified games


Following yesterday’s announcement of the SEGA Mega Drive Classics hub, an update to the existing collection of SEGA Mega Drive games which now places them in a hub world that resembles a kid’s bedroom, more details have surfaced. Those who saw the trailer noticed the mention of mods, and soon after it was confirmed that the hub will feature Steam Workshop support allowing players to share modified versions of games. More details on mod support is said to be shared sometime next week. It’s great to see SEGA embracing fans tinkering with their classic games. Once we learn more, we’ll be sure to share! The updated SEGA Mega Drive Classics hub arrives April 28th for Europe, word on a wider release is unknown at this time.

Download the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round texture mod for the ultimate Shenmue fight

Reddit user Esppiral
has posted the following texture modifications for the PC release of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Sadly modders haven’t figured out how to swap models (yet?), so the user went in and used a base model and changed the textures to make them look like Shenmue characters. He not only created Ryo (using Jacky as a base model) and Lan Di (using Akira as a base model) but also included the famous dojo.

Download the mods here:

If you bought the game on Steam (or any other service) and want to learn how to install texture mods, hit the jump.

Dreamcast controller mod takes the Wii U pad to the next level

Imagine if SEGA released a color screen on the Dreamcast controller, but not only that it would act like the Wii U and allow you to play games in your controller. Crazy right? I guess if you want it badly enough everything is possible as this hack shows. The modified controller features a 3.5 inch color screen that will display on both a connected TV and on the controller. So what if you wanted to just play on the controller? What about sound? Yes, it has built in speakers. But where does the VMU go? It actually has a VMU built in as well!

If you want to see it in action, hit the jump. If you want to read a more detailed article, click here.

SEGA Channel Retro Presents Sonic Hacking Contest Special

SEGA Channel Retro is reporting live from the Sonic Hacking Contest starting at 6PM Central. For our stream we’ll be checking out mods for Sonic Generations and Sonic Adventure DX in a three hour special.

Now available on YouTube you can check out each mod that was made for Sonic Generations and Sonic Adventure DX in a convenient playlist.


Aliens: Colonial Marines mods add DirectX 10 lighting effects, sharper texture filtering and much more

The PC community is great, always striving to make their games look better even if the developers are incompetent.  Right now there are two mod packs that are making this game look ‘less crap’ than it did before. The first one is the DirectX 10 mod packs that add some better lighting effects and soften those shadows. The SweetFX mod gives you a sharper texture filter, deeper color saturation and stronger shadows.

Sadly, the game will still suck. But at least it will be prettier to look at it sucking now.