SEGA launches free-to-play Total War Battles: KINGDOM on Steam

SEGA has released Total War Battles: KINGDOM out of its closed beta testing phase and is now free to download as an open beta game. The game will allow you to seamlessly play from PC to mobile when the app launches.

Reviews for the game so far have been mixed with the Total War fanbase disliking the game’s use of free-to-play mechanics that are similar to the ever popular mobile title Clash of Clans. The general complaint is that the game doesn’t resemble much of what people like in Total War games and that SEGA is charging people who want to grow wheat instantly instead of waiting 8 hours.

We shall see if SEGA will further tweak the wait time for basic actions or if they will continue down the same path with this game.


2 responses to “SEGA launches free-to-play Total War Battles: KINGDOM on Steam

  1. Draikin says:

    It’s this “carrot and stick” approach that I really dislike about F2P games. You start playing the game and it won’t be long until you run into a paywall. And paying only gets you so far, soon you’ll run into another wall. And another. The way F2P works is similar to how gambling works, as the player loses track of just how much they’re spending because they’re only spending a little bit of money every time. A lucrative business, certainly, but the gameplay suffers because of it. They may tweak the wait times, but I doubt they’ll actually remove the wait times entirely and opt for a more balanced F2P approach.

  2. MadeManG74 says:

    This game looks TERRIBLE!

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