Here are the 17 mobile games SEGA have pulled for a lack of quality

We talked about it before that SEGA planned to drop older titles that they either weren’t going to update or didn’t fit their quality of standards.
The following titles are no longer available on Google Play or iTunes:

  • After Burner Climax
  • Jet Set Radio
  • Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 
  • Super Monkey Ball Tip’n’Tilt 1&2 (older phones)
  • Altered Beast
  • Ecco the Dolphin 
  • Golden Axe 1, 2 & 3 
  • Phantasy Star 2 
  • Streets of Rage 1& 3
  • Space Harrier 2
  • Virtua Fighter 2 
  • Zaxxon Escape

After Burner Climax has also been taken down from XBLA and PSN, so it makes sense that the mobile version would also be dropped. As for those Genesis/Mega Drive games, SEGA has been trying to have higher quality versions of them starting with Sonic CD, Sonic 1 & 2. SEGA did say; “Given the right situation, these titles may return in an updated form,” so you never know if we will see some of these return.

If you paid for any of the games, you can still download them at anytime on iTunes or the Play Store.

[Via: Eurogamer]


5 responses to “Here are the 17 mobile games SEGA have pulled for a lack of quality

  1. H Hog says:

    Ooh, return in an updated form?
    Phantasy Star Generation 2 English release, make it happen, people!!

  2. SeanNOLA says:

    After Burner Climax was pulled from PSN? But it’s my favorite StarFox game!

  3. Jio_Wolfen says:

    a proper Virtua Fighter 2 port in the future??? i wonder if i could run it… you know what maybe just a new Virtua Fighter for Ps4,XONE, WiiU and PC XD

    • Eck says:

      Proper VF2 port?

      Virtua Fighter 2 on the XBL and PSN platforms was a proper port, or wasn’t it?
      It was the first time the actual original proper Arcade version was available on home consoles, the same with the Daytona usa release on XBL/PSN digital stores.

  4. Kolma says:

    Being android my choices were already limited.
    Thankfully I already bought Jet Set Radio, SMB2 Sakura Edition, and After Burner Climax.
    That said I guess I missed out on Zaxxon Escape 🙁 and House of the Dead Overkill: The Lost Reels was removed forever ago too.

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