Rumor: SEGA Blast Heroes a new mobile SRPG gets leaked


According to the mobile game website PocketGamer there is a new mobile game by SEGA, which features classic game IPs. Not only that, mobile ads for SEGA Blast Heroes (the games name) have been popping up. The ads describe the title as a ‘strategy RPG’. The Facebook page behind the ads leads to a page called ‘SEGA Mobile’ which has a bit over 150 likes at he moment. If you click to download the app from the ad, it takes you to StoreMaven, which is a service to help test upcoming app store conversion rates.

Below are some screenshots of the supposed game called SEGA Blast Heroes. Of course, it looks like it would play like Chain Chronicle. Just looking at the screenshots leaked so far I see Samba De Amigo, Space Channel 5, Sakura Wars, Valkyria Chronicles, Jet Set Radio, Wonder Boy, Alex Kidd, and a lot of unknowns populating the screens. It also seems that you will be fighting generic looking villains, which is a bummer.

This game doesn’t surprise me considering SEGA’s mobile division put out a survey asking fans about classic SEGA franchises. What are your thoughts on the rumor? Would you play SEGA Blast Heroes?

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5 responses to “Rumor: SEGA Blast Heroes a new mobile SRPG gets leaked

  1. U-10 says:

    Eh… can’t really say I’m interested, despite kinda putting their old IPs to good use (in the sense that they’re making their own multi-crossover game of their own franchises)…? Like, I’m not really that interested in mobile game apps like this; I usually try them for a few days or so then get incredibly bored after a certain point.

  2. Monty says:

    This mobile game doesn’t even look interesting… I hope it isn’t true.

  3. KingMarni says:

    this is just guardiqn tales, a fun to play epic rpg that is extremely cool and funny, but also dramatic and sad. To be fair, guardian tales is my favorite mobile game. You wouldnt expect it to be free, cuz it has SO MUCH content. If you download it you will see yourself crying if a character dies, laughing cuz there was a silly sidequest or even just meeting new people in guilds (a place where you can chill with friends) Dont want fights? Well after you beat the first world the map completely changes into an epic zone where you can place buildings for your heroes and make them happy! There are events and some Epic Stuff like the battle arena and a zone where you can freely battle others! The music is also just epic so listen to me when i say, DOWNLOAD GUARDIAN TALES (Even the name sounds epic so yeah) (And also i am not from engeland or something so sorry if my spelling is bad)

  4. KingMarni says:

    also it has come out in 2020 so yeah

  5. TechnoSword says:

    Omg i downloaded it and it has become my most favourite game! You guys should go to download it

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