Here’s that new Persona 5 trailer Atlus doesn’t want you to see

So in Japan, all new copies of Persona 4: Dancing All Night include an exclusive new trailer for Persona 5. Meaning that the normal way to see this trailer is to import an early copy of the game. But of course that’s not going to stop people from putting it online, whether Atlus wants it or not. So if the video above gets taken down, it probably won’t be too hard to find it somewhere else.

The new trailer, which uses a mix of old and new footage, gives some more hints as to what the story is about. Like in other Persona games, you play as a high school student. Except this time around the main character will have a separate identity as a thief during the night. This is also the first time we hear some of the Japanese voice acting. The game will be released for PlayStation 3 and 4 later this year in both Japan and the US.


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