SEGA registers Dawn of War 3 website

It has begun, SEGA of America has registered the domain for, pretty much giving away that Relic’s next game will most likely be the much requested Dawn of War 3. Its not at all surprising seeing how big their other team, Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer project will be, already confirming long term DLC support.

It seems that SEGA is all in when it comes to creating Warhammer games, not only in Warhammer Fantasy universe but also in Warhammer 40k universe. As a fan of Warhammer I’m excited and I think its a smart move by SEGA West as a whole, seeing how popular Dawn of War series has been in the past. I just wish we had more SEGA Japan projects that where as high budget as these western titles, but what can you do about that.


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  1. Trippled says:

    ” I just wish we had more SEGA Japan projects that where as high budget as these western titles”

    I agree there.

  2. lord says:

    Seriously. Shenmue3. I think u guys dont do enough to market that game. I really just get annoyed and frustfated by seeying this and hatsune miku and all that stuff that wasnt supposed to ve sega in the first place. We are almost at 4.4 mil. Seriously stand up and stop showing these non sega sega games. Support the cause of shenmue3

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      SEGAbits is a general SEGA news site. We cover as much SEGA content as we have the time to do, and we try and cover as wide a range of SEGA content as we can. As such, you will see news ranging from Sonic to Hatsune Miku to Dawn of War to Company of Heroes to Yakuza to Shenmue 3.

      We are not in the business of marketing games, we simply share news abut them as we hear it. In the 20 days since Shenmue 3 was revealed, we have posted 13 news articles and have posted about the project numerous times on our social networks. We will not ignore other pieces of news in favor of another, and our site’s intention is not to have a front page takeover to only favor the backing of the project. That is something for Shenmue500k and Team Yu to do.

      We are excited for the game, and many SEGAbits writers, contributors, and forum members are backing the project. But if you think us newsing non-Shenmue content is somehow hurting the Kickstarter campaign or puts our fandom into question, then I very much disagree with you.

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