First screens for Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls surface

Are you excited for Compile Heart’s Hyperdimension War Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls: Dream Fusion? This upcoming RPG combines the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise and crosses it over with SEGA’s Japanese TV show/Light novel Sega Hard Girls.

The game is suppose to launch on the Playstation Vita, the company still hasn’t given up a release date, but they did just update their website with new direct-feed screenshots. So, if the game makes it west, which it will most likely, will you be picking it up?

[Via: Gematsu]


6 responses to “First screens for Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls surface

  1. fernandeath says:

    I won’t pick it up because I’m a Xbox One owner

  2. Shiroth says:

    I’ll be picking it up for the Seha Girls name alone. Sure do hope it’s released outside of Japan!

  3. DCGX says:

    So either the licensing fee for the Vita is so low now publishers can bring anything West, or these extremely niche games actually sell over here. I hope it’s the latter, because while anime games like this don’t interest me in the least, other people clearly like them and it keeps giving the Vita new game releases that aren’t indies.

  4. Gen says:

    Why does all of Sega’s stuff always have to be on the PS platforms all the time, can’t be that hard to make them multiplatform.

    • Aki-at says:

      Not that that isn’t true most of the time, but this isn’t a SEGA game, Compile are the ones developing it and publishing it in Japan. SEGA just lent their characters for this project.

  5. CrispX says:

    oooops segabits, read this:
    JSRF HD Comming?

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