Homebrew platformer ‘Mega Cheril Perils’ coming to SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis


Homebrew developer The Mojon Twins’ have announced that their recent homebrew title (originally released on the ZX Spectrum) will have a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive release. Not much has been showing on the game outside of new screenshots that have been shared via RetroManiac.

I guess you can sit back and enjoy the screens released as we wait for more information, maybe the developers will explain to us why a naked girl decided to battle zombies in the nude?

[Via: Retro Collect]


6 responses to “Homebrew platformer ‘Mega Cheril Perils’ coming to SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis

  1. dada says:

    its lame maybe its american

  2. Flash Man says:

    How about the original Mega Man 2 remake then> Same graphics and same sound effects???!

  3. Shigs says:

    It’s like they put a Steam: Greenlight game onto a Genesis cartridge.

  4. Bertodecosta says:

    Copyleft. LOL.

  5. Seguh says:

    That is some UGLY artwork.

  6. The Terror from Outer Space says:

    Ok… Mojon (mojón) is the spanish for “crap”… So you can figure that they are not serious. They usually develope spoof games as “Maritrini, monster slayer”. This is another spoof game of american B movies… Enjoy it!

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