Beggar Prince to be reprinted on SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive to celebrate game’s 20th anniversary

Beggar Prince
 was a Chinese RPG that was only released in that region in 1996. In 2006 Super Fighter Team decided to translate the game to English and manufacture them on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive carts, touting that it was the first SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive made since 1998. They sold out and now the $40 dollar game has been highly sought after. This will be the fourth release of the game (counting the 1996 original) and 3rd reprint by Super Fighter Team.

From the team:

“The prodigal son has returned! Beggar Prince, our first commercial video game, will be put back into production in the form of a special twentieth anniversary edition. Originally released in Taiwan in 1996, this fabulous role-playing adventure game was first published in English by Super Fighter Team ten years later. Ever since the game sold out, countless fans have written in to request that we put it back into production. Well, here it comes! Don’t miss this chance to own one of the most stunning games ever produced for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive!”

As a person that has the 3rd release of the game, the cart doesn’t use SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive screws and the feel of the box isn’t the same as an actual SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive box. It has a different feel. You can pre-order your copy here for $55. Game isn’t set to ship till sometime in 2016.


5 responses to “Beggar Prince to be reprinted on SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive to celebrate game’s 20th anniversary

  1. cube_b3 says:

    You actually reviewed this game back in the day.

    Is it worth playing or buying a MegaDrive? I honestly didn’t even care for Pier Solar until they announced it for Dreamcast but then again, I own every indie Dreamcast game.

    • George says:

      IMO, its not the greatest RPG but its nice to have new games on the Genesis that we never played. Its less than stellar RPG with meh graphics and throw away story. IMO.

  2. RegalSIn says:

    Reprint how unexpected. Beggar Price I could assume is using a higher data storage rom??? They had the CD version before???? Makes me Jells I can’t rush program for the Genesis wanna help me out???

    • George says:

      You are thinking of Solar Pier, which is getting a Dreamcast port and the original Genesis game came with a SEGA CD soundtrack. That one had a 64meg cart, this one has a 32meg cart which is still big for a Genesis/Mega Drive game. Phantasy Star IV used a 24meg cart, to compare.

  3. RegalSIn says:

    I remember this first game had different box art, and is actually a port of an unfinished ( etc east Asian nation company ) game. Basically they say it is remade, but what they mean to say is that they added new graphics as well as “story”??

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