SEGA Tunes: Jamming out to the Gunstar Heroes OST

So as most of you guys know we are celebrating ‘The Year of Developers‘, one of the focused developers this month is Treasure and since their cult classic Gunstar Heroes‘ just got a re-release on the Nintendo 3DS we decided to have a look at the games soundtrack. Honestly, most people will be quick to give you hundreds of reasons why you should play the game, but almost none of them will mention the fantastic soundtrack.

Let’s look at some of my favorite tracks and then you can tell me some of your favorite tracks (or tracks you hated) in the comment section.

You can’t start talking about the Gunstar Heroes OST without mentioning the great opening track. I have probably heard this track half a million times, especially when I was a kid and would replay the game every chance I got. I was always a big fan of the drumming on this track, a very ‘march to war’ with its own very unique take.

Sorta makes me want to try and play drums again, then I remember when I used to take lessons as a kid and totally failed.

The track ‘Empire’ is probably one of the most melodic and epic tracks in the game, the way that the music just blends in perfectly with each other and really captured the imagery of the game. Fighting bosses with this song playing out of your beautiful SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive model 1 is something else. This is the music for ‘Stage 5‘ of the game, if you were wondering.

During stage two of the game you go after your older brother ‘Gunstar Green’ and this is probably the most epic stage in the game. The background music really hit the right notes and will always be ingrained into my memory glands. So of course its going to be listed.

Those are three of my favorite tracks from the Gunstar Heroes OST, you can pick up 3D Gunstar Heroes on the 3DS e-shop right now. What are you waiting for? You can listen to the full OST below. ENJOY!



4 responses to “SEGA Tunes: Jamming out to the Gunstar Heroes OST

  1. Swamp2k9 says:

    Nice list! My top-3 tracks are:

    Stage 5: You’ve posted this one above
    Epic fast-paced, action-packed, sun-setting music to match the environment.

    Stage 4:
    Great melody for a fun/difficult stage.

    Option Select:
    It plays on one of the final stages of the game. It sets this epic tone to the stage
    SPOILER!!! – You play the stage through a HUGE TV screen as the previous bosses watch on as you approach them. One by one, each leave the room to fight you. It has that Megaman (re-fight the bosses) feel to it.

    P.S. – Play through the game on 1-player, expert to truly enjoy the tunes.

  2. Retroman says:

    Stage 5/Empire is definitely my favourite track. I loved listening to it yesterday, when I was playing Gunstar Heroes again for the first time in twenty years 🙂

  3. Adam says:

    I remember going to the options screen and thinking, “If the options music is this good, then the rest of the game has to be badass!”.

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