Fans get Phantasy Star Online 2 to run on the Oculus Rift

Phantasy Star Online 2 fan, HardLight602 has created this masterful first person mod for PSO2, allowing the use of the Oculus Rift headset. Taking roughly 6 months to develop this is no simple script mod.

“Everything you see in the video is entirely the modded behaviour of the game up to and including the stereoscopic distortion rendering.” – Hardlight602

On top of that HardLight602 has enabled inverse character rigging which aligns your characters in-game body with your own. This enables many of the weapons to be aimed simply by looking- your characters aim will follow your gaze.

Hit the jump and learn more about the mod.

“Aiming with your head can be difficult, so there’s also an option to enable auto aim that will target enemies in your field of view.” – HardLight602

The player has the option to switching between regular controls and Oculus style ‘tank-controls’ at any time during gameplay.

But HardLight602 isn’t done yet!

“Menus, while usable are awkward and rendered at an IPD of 0. I’d like to make them contextual to the world around the player if possible. Also, your player character’s head is hidden, but I’d like to rig it to the player’s head so that glasses, hair, and headgear can all be used and seen on your body. Look forward to more updates in the future!” – HardLight602

Pretty. Damn. Awesome. For more info and updates on the PSO2 Oculus Rift support head over to the PSO-World Forums.

The Oculus Rift headset is estimated to release commercially in early 2016.


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