Yakuza 1 Extreme and Yakuza 6 announced – coming 2016

Yakuza fans should be very happy today, as SEGA is delivering a double dose of Japanese underworld goodness by way of two newly announced games. The first, Yakuza 1 Extreme, is a remake of the original game in the series and is due out January 2016 for PS3 and PS4 in Japan only (for now). The second title is Yakuza 6, due out Fall 2016 exclusively for PS4 and is also so far only announced for Japan. Western Yakuza fans undoubtably want both of these titles to release to the Americas and Europe, and with a localized Yakuza 5 releasing this Fall, the best advice I can give is to vote with your wallet and support the fifth title so we may see a localization of the remade original and newly announced sixth title.




6 responses to “Yakuza 1 Extreme and Yakuza 6 announced – coming 2016

  1. Antonio says:

    What happened to them not making a Yakuza game?

  2. Bit, says:

    Who said since Nagoshi is revealing a non Yakuza game at TGS mean’s that he is limited to revealing no Yakuza games at TGS at all.

  3. SkyBlue says:

    Wait….so does this make 1+2 HD redundant or what?

    I don’t mind Yakuza games being announced, but a remastered game was created when they had already made a HD version 2 years ago???

    Either they are running out of ideas on how to release one Yakuza game a year or the HD release was really really bad.

    • Antonio says:

      The HD reaslease was a port this is a full on remake

    • Hitrax says:

      Yes there is a significant difference between a ported conversion of an already existing version of the game and an entirely revamped remake of the original.

      Capcom’s own Resident Evil debuted in 1996 and it had ports on other consoles, however it was completely remade from scratch in 2002, and we got an HD port of that earlier this year on the X1 and PS4 as well as the PC.

      Incidentally, they have just announced a complete remake of the 1998 Resident Evil 2 after years of demand for it and Capcom’s shift in policy to satisfy fan demand, it will be a complete remake of the 1998 original, not a mere port on a newer console.

  4. cube_b3 says:

    Why release a remake on PS3 instead of PS4?
    The remake can serve as a reboot for a whole new generation of gamers.

    I hope they polish the plot and make it more cohesive and easier to follow. The 3rd act of the original was just messy.

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