ChuChu Rocket! coming Wii U Virtual Console in Japan

ChuChu Rocket!, the Sonic Team created action-puzzle game originally released on the SEGA Dreamcast is getting a Wii U re-release, only this isn’t the Dreamcast version but the Gameboy Advanced version. What are the differences? Well outside of the lower resolution and some lesser quality sounds (due to being on the Gameboy Advance) not much, it offers the full Dreamcast 100 puzzle levels and as a extra it includes 2,500 user-submitted levels. The game will cost 702 yen ($5.88 US) and launch on October 21st (in Japan of course).

Sadly for us westerners this game has only been announced for release in Japan, so if you want SEGA to release this game west, you better start bothering them on social media.

Here is a comparison: 



[Via: SegaFans, official page]


8 responses to “ChuChu Rocket! coming Wii U Virtual Console in Japan

  1. Eck says:

    I’d rather see Sega give new life to the Dreamcast version by re-releasing it, for the XBL, PSN and Steam platforms, imagine it online again like on the Dreamcast, would prefer that compared to a lot of other online puzzlers already on these platforms to be honest.

    Well done Sega, another game for a territory that we can’t pay for it from, on an awkwardly inconvenient console with an inferior copy of the great Dreamcast original, it can just never be done right can it? *Sigh*

    • Crack says:

      Yea, lets ignore the excellent iPad version that has been out internationally for years

    • Eck says:

      The iPad version is the Dreamcast version in every way minus the online component.
      I was meaning if they’re going to go with a console release, why not the Dreamcast version, why not on the XBL/PSN and Steam platforms complete with the online modes, it’ll be the first time it’s ever been closer to the Dreamcast original release since it first came out.

  2. The iPad version is by far the best. It is much more responsive to tap on the spaces rather than drag a pointer around with the thumbstick.

    • Eck says:

      It’s the Dreamcast version isn’t it?
      The controls would be nice certainly, but there’d still be a reason to re-release the Dreamcast version for it’s online modes.

  3. Senjav says:

    This somehow reminded me of Sonic 4 particular, what ever happened to Sonic 4 episode III? It was planned I remember seeing but nothings been said since.
    The first two episodes did well commercially as well.

  4. segal says:

    Its a good game. I liked mr driller to

  5. Ben says:

    The visuals of both versions leave a lot to be desired in this day and age.

    If they don’t plan on majorly updating the game’s graphics, then it’ll all but guarantee that this only sells to the already-converted.

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