Homebrew developers bring Moggy to the SEGA Master System


It’s not all that often we hear of new games for SEGA’s Master System. While 2015 appears to be the year of the Dreamcast, SEGA’s first Western console effort has received a new game available to play today entitled Moggy Master from homebrew development team The Mojon Twins. The game is a port of Moggy, a ZX Spectrum game from 2005 also by The Mojon Twins. In the game, players control Moggy, a little yellow guy, who is out to save his purple friends.

If you love classic Atari arcade games, this is definitely worth checking out. And why shouldn’t you try it out? The game is free and available to download today! Just use an emulator or flash cart, should you own one. 

[Via RetroCollect]



4 responses to “Homebrew developers bring Moggy to the SEGA Master System

  1. Centrale says:

    Sweet! Nice to see some Master System love.

  2. cussypat says:

    Master system love ;
    Wonderboy series
    Gain ground
    Alex kodd lost stars
    Phantasy star 1
    Black belt
    Operation wolf

  3. CrispX says:

    LOL this is for Spectrum and it’s a source file, how we can play this on windows? And secound how can be a master system game if there is no rom avaliable? Waiting for the rom dumped by someone else. FAIL!

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