See what SEGA games made the Xbox One list of Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles


The first wave of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One have been revealed, and we’re happy to report that some SEGA games made the list. Interestingly, all but one of the titles are Xbox Live Arcade releases, but by and large it is a solid selection. SEGAbits forum member crackdude was nice enough to share the list and highlight the SEGA titles. You can check out the backwards compatible games by checking out the forum post, or see them after the break!

  • Condemned – Xbox One Game
  • Crazy Taxi – Arcade
  • Golden Axe – Arcade
  • NiGHTS into dreams… – Arcade
  • Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co. – Arcade
  • Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe – Arcade
  • Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World – Arcade
  • Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage – Arcade
  • Sonic CD – Arcade
  • Sonic The Hedgehog – Arcade
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Arcade
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 3 – Arcade

18 responses to “See what SEGA games made the Xbox One list of Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles

  1. Elly says:

    Hey didn’t sega mentioned that sonic 1 and 2 are about to being delisted from xbla?. I find it sad to see that when they make announcement about backwards compatibility they are always going for the sonic games. If you announce something let it be vanquish, otogi, shenmue 2, panzer dragon orta.
    Or give the player’s valkyria chronic make the pc port work on xb1.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      None of those you mentioned are 360 games, and a port of Valkyria Chronicles has nothing to do with backwards compatibility

    • AfroRyan says:

      Well, Vanquish is. And while they aren’t 360 titles, Panzer Dragoon Orta and Shenmue II were part of the Xbox 360’s original Xbox backwards compatibility program, which I’m curious about. Could those titles work too, or is double deep emulation too complicated?

    • Setnaro X says:

      Just because Sonic 1 and 2 are getting delisted doesn’t mean people don’t have those titles. It’s a shame those titles got delisted before Xbox One finally got the backwards compatibility feature released to the public, but it’s nice to see they got something set up for the people who may already have the games.

      “I find it sad to see that when they make announcement about backwards compatibility they are always going for the sonic games”

      It’s their flagship character. It would be surprising if they didn’t. It’s been mentioned before that they have intentions on getting more games available through XB1, citing Bayonetta as an example, so calm your tits. Besides Vanquish, all the games you mentioned aren’t even 360 titles.

  2. Elly says:

    Also don’t forget virtua tennis

  3. Brianzilla2004 says:

    Pretty happy with the number of SEGA titles, although I’d like to see more retail games announced. Condemned 2: Bloodshot, Sonic Generations, Binary Domain, Alpha Protocol, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection and the Saturn XBLA releases all need to be added. I wouldn’t mind seeing AVP come back too. Make it happen Microsoft!

  4. Karl says:

    Keep Sega games coming

    • BALDER420 says:

      I hope they fing make the full Sonic’s ultimate genesis collection backwards compatable lol I want to play phantasy star 1-4 and don’t want to be force to pay for phantasy star 2 since I already have it LOL.

  5. cussypat says:

    Or a brand new xbox one game that actually feels like a sega game? Sor4 or vanquish2 or or or a proper new ip.

  6. Setnaro X says:

    Don’t forget Resonance of Fate, please.

  7. am2model3 says:

    don’t forget to vote at for the sega titles you want!

    I was impressed to see crazy taxi and NiGHTS, nice to see.

    make sure you vote for: Outrun Online Arcade, Afterburner Climax, Sega Rally (3 arcade), etc.

  8. This is actually a really poor list, and an oversight to call it “great” when you look at the technical reasons.

    All the XBLA games are XNA. Basically all Microsoft did was write an XNA cross-compliler for XBO. That’s why the few great, demanding Xbox 360 games like Sonic Generations are nowhere to be seen. That, and SEGA probably wants to charge money to re-release them for $20/each down the road with “enhanced graphics” (just upping FSAA and supporting 4K when that lands).

    • Gen says:

      Well if you don’t like it, you could just always y’know, not buy the rereleases, Sega isn’t forcing you to, that’s consumer choice, Sega is simply putting the option out there for those that either don’t already have it and for those who really want to upgrade, I like the sound of 4k – it’s already the new standard.

  9. Hitrax says:

    If it had Virtual Fighter 2 too, it’d be great, well bit better than I was expecting either way, for a start.

  10. cussypat says:

    Sonic generations. 06 and ga beastrider and vanquish pls. Oh yeah and alpha ptotocol

  11. virtua madness says:

    outrun,daytona and sega rally please

  12. toby britten says:

    outrun,daytona and sega rally and virtual racing from the Arcades would be good to please you done it for ps2 how about xbox one?

  13. BALDER420 says:

    I hope the make the full Sonic’s ultimate genesis collection backwards compatible I don’t want to hafta buy each game on it separately again like when master system and genesis where out. LOL I SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WANT TO PLAY PHANTASY STAR 1-4 again

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