Yakuza 0 won’t hit North America till 2017 says Playstation.com

Seems that SEGA likes to be really abstract on these Yakuza localization release dates. Not only was Yakuza 5 suppose to release in November, then barely made it in late December but Yakuza 0 seems that it is being aimed for 2017. That would mean by the time it gets here the game would be 2 years old, Yakuza 1 remaster and Yakuza 6 would already be out in Japan. What a vicious cycle of playing catch up for American fans.

Awhile back SEGA released a trailer stating that the game was coming out for both Americans and Europeans, but now SEGA has stated that they have no plans yet for a European release.

What do you guys think? Is waiting till 2017 for a localization of Yakuza 0 too long? Could it be that Sony is using 2017 as a place holder instead of ‘TBA’?

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11 responses to “Yakuza 0 won’t hit North America till 2017 says Playstation.com

  1. Monado says:

    Its a sega thing. You shouldnt care no more just like they dont care for us. They are probably still looking at how good yakuza 5 will sell. A word is a word. They said it would come. And now they dont have plans. Sega is runnig desertdry and will die. There is just so much scamming you xan do. Sega is in discredit

  2. Centrale says:

    It’s a little disappointing, but ultimately I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. My hope at this point would be that they will be able to get annual releases in the West, even if they are a year or two behind the Japanese releases. As long as they are coming out consistently, I think that’s a decent situation.

  3. Ben says:

    It’s a bummer, but it’s pretty consistent with Sega’s worldwide release pattern for the Yakuza series, so it’s not all that surprising.

  4. Gen says:

    It’s not like Sega is the only one doing this if it’s entirely their plan that is, it’s not that uncommon for companies to localise IPs years after they debuted elsewhere, at least they said it is definitely coming regardless and the extra waiting time hopefully will be worth it.

  5. Artwark says:

    And yet, you still support SEGA despite the stupid moves like this….. I have a feeling that SEGA doesn’t really care about the western market anymore.

    Considering the fact that they didn’t release much games for us this year, Its no surprise that they’d do something like this.

    Just why is it a problem for SEGA to let Atlus localise it to the west?

    • Monado says:


      They do not care.

    • Centrale says:

      Uh, Nintendo is notorious for doing the exact same thing with multiple titles… requiring “Operation Rainfall” to spur them into action. Atlus is working on their own titles, which is exactly what both Sega and fans of Atlus want them to be doing.

      If there are going to be Nintendo trolls lurking around here, they’ve gotta be sharper than Artwark.

  6. Monado says:

    And they didnt even build momentum. I mean it doesnt have to be like assassins creed every year. But people should be like oh yeah again a sega game. But what do we get a game waiting in oblivion so that it may be coming to the west. Maybe! Man im 33 years old. I aint gonna play games all life. At least be a loyal company or gtfo

  7. wiz says:

    They should be really slow to announce the game now and release it in 2017, just add some more translators dammit!

    I still hope for a 2016 release, 2017 would be crazy since in Japan there would be already Yakuza Kiwami,Yakuza 6 and probably Yakuza 7 in development.

  8. Twent says:

    Too many here are critical of Sega’s method for something that has been a standard practice the past gen for many Japanese creating companies not opting for western released titles as soon as they are presented.
    It’s a miracle that Sega even want to bring this west at all, never mind the extra waiting time.

    • Ben says:

      It’s actually become a pretty rare thing to have to wait 2-3 years for a game to be localized. Most games these days are released either within the same time window worldwide or at least within a period of 6 months.

      Some Japanese companies (such as Nintendo or Square-Enix) are guilty of this on occasion but generally speaking it’s a pretty unique phenomenon these days to have to wait years for a localization. Like I said though it’s for whatever reason always been Sega’s release pattern with this particular series so I don’t find it surprising in this case.

      I’d imagine that for financial purposes Yakuza 5 is considered “our 2016 Yakuza game” due to its late release, and Yakuza 0 will be our 2017 Yakuza game.

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