Atlus has ‘several unannounced titles for 2016’

newipgamesatlusIn an interview this week Atlus CEO, Naoto Hiraoka told Famitsu of the company’s plans for 2016 and beyond:

“In 2015, we were able to develop existing IP like Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Etrian Mystery Dungeon. In 2016, starting with Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, we plan to release a large number of titles. In the summer, we’ll launch the long-awaited Persona 5. Of course, in addition to that we have several unannounced titles. I have no doubt this will be a year Atlus’ popular series all gather together.”

Exciting news! So what do we already know about Atlus’ line up in 2016? So far they have the following games set to release: Odin Sphere Leifdrasir , Persona 5, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final, and Etrian Odyssey V. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say there might be more Persona and Shin Megami Tensai spin-offs in the works. What I am hoping for? Catherine 2!


9 responses to “Atlus has ‘several unannounced titles for 2016’

  1. Patorikku says:

    I would cry tears of joy if they announced Catherine 2. One of my favourite games ever.

  2. AfroRyan says:

    A successor to Catherine would really make my day. That would be great. I’d like to see it properly integrated into the Shin Megami universe, as well.

  3. Ellie says:

    Nah. I think it would be another fighting game by atlus.
    I Wish they make another dark spire game 🙂

  4. Krauser0 says:

    Ummmm. Didn’t Etrian Odyssey 2 come out already?

  5. SkyBlue says:

    Any love for Europe this year except for Odin Sphere?

  6. Porl says:

    While Catherine 2 would make my dreams come true, I actually hope they re-release it on current gem consoles, give it a bit more of a push. Those we know of it all seem to adore it, but too many have no idea it exists. £10 on PSN, for example, and test the water for a hopeful sequel one day.

  7. Lea says:

    Catherine 2 ! 🙂

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