SEGA News Bits: Tokyo Game Show 2015 impressions

This year’s Tokyo Game Show has come to a close and SEGA of Japan showed off plenty of titles at the event. On this SEGA News Bit video me and Barry discuss our impressions of SEGA’s showing, including Atlus games that made the show. Tune in and tell us what you thought about this year’s Tokyo Game Show in the comments.

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7 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Tokyo Game Show 2015 impressions

  1. Elly says:

    Thanks for the repot. Cant wait for the next swinging report show.
    for personally i would like Sega to make all there games multi platform so that theycan make more profit out off there games.

  2. Koula Dellis says:

    No Sonic, no other good sega game?! I think its officially time to stop being a sega fan. Im moving to Nintendo at least they listen to their fans. Sorry Sega you have lost a loyal fan

    • Bit, says:

      You do know they never announce a Sonic game at TGS, I think Sega’s TGS was fine to be honest because we did get a lot of good announcement’s like Yakuza 1 Extreme and Yakuza 6.

    • Koula Dellis says:

      But there was supposed to be a sonic gamr announced. And where is it? Those games that are listed I habe never even heard of. Im a die hard Sega fans but the sega classics , So space channel 5, jet set radio golden axe, alex kidd. Those fun Sega games

    • Bit, says:

      There was no anouncement of a sonic game at TGS, they will most likely announce a sonic game for his 25th anniversary anniversary. I’m also happy that they delayed fire and ice to 2016 to add more content to it, no sonic game has been ever delayed for polishing in a long time so i’m hopeful that they will do the same for the anniversary game.

      Also the game’s announced at TGS weren’t bad at all for most people, you should try getting into the Yakuza series sometime, it is a really fun InHouse ip. Certainly a large improvement over previous TGS annoucements that is for sure. Hopefully the next one will be even better, they really impressed most of us this year.

  3. matty says:

    1:08 I didn’t hear what Agent G said but I agree!

    This is probably the most impressive TGS in years. I enjoyed the showcase of new games. It’s just too bad we’ll likely never see most of them in the U.S. — and the ones that probably will get localized won’t appear for another two years! lol

  4. Gen says:

    So what was this big change or surprise at Sega was meant to be announcing that the son of the CEO Hajime was talking about a few months prior?
    As for the Ryu Ga Gotoku studios new big project announcement, what was that? It seemed either it was Yakuza 6 or the complete revamped remake of Yakuza 1.

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