Huffington Post article details Michael Jackson’s involvement with Sonic the Hedgehog 3

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The Huffington Post has just published a fantastic article on the level of involvement Michael Jackson had in making music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3. I’ll leave the new reveals for the article, but I will say that after the first half – which is mainly going over stuff most SEGA and Sonic fans who have followed the story already know – there is a lot of new information in the second half. I definitely suggest you check the article out and then click back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Oh, and one thing, the article states that hardcore Sonic fans refer to themselves as “Blues”. I have never ever heard of this term and I am half wondering if somebody they interviewed were pulling the writer’s leg. What do you fellow Blues think?


8 responses to “Huffington Post article details Michael Jackson’s involvement with Sonic the Hedgehog 3

  1. matty says:

    Drossin’s comments are really the cappa to it all. I find it curious that of a project on that scale and that many key people involved that none of them checked up on it, or at least make it that well known to the public. Or maybe they wanted to be hushed about it considering the intense public allegations and just left it as it was when it was completed? Who knows, but the one important bit was confirmed and that’s that.

    Now, Micheal’s soul can finally be at peace.

    • Ryooo says:

      Cappa to what?
      As far as I can tell, this article doesn’t provide any more convincing evidence than all the earlier ones from which it took its information. Evidence for the fact that music by Jackson made it into the final game, that is. We know that Ice Cap is Buxer. So is the ending theme (Stranger in Moscow was basically composed by Buxer, not Jackson).
      That leaves what exactly? Carnival Night – has a small link to “Jam”, but that doesn’t mean Jackson made it. Could have been Buxer or one of the other producers. Plus Launch Base. Plus some minor stuff (Knuckles’ theme, competition screen, etc.).

    • matty says:

      Right, all those who worked with MJ on the project, know each other, filling in more details on how it operated, etc. It doesn’t answer all the questions *you* want answered, but it satisfies my curiosity.

      If that still bothers you, then how about you track down all these guys (and ones we we’re not aware of – as this article exampled) and ask them yourself? Would that be “convincing” enough or do you need more “evidence”?

      You know what? Don’t bother replying, and just put a cappa on your posts! lol

  2. Randroid says:

    I remember as a kid playing Sonic 3 for the first time, getting to that first miniboss and hearing that theme. Blew my mind. Love that theme. Total MJ through and through. I knew it as a kid, but thought it was merely an intentional Jackson imitation.

  3. bertodecosta says:

    I love Michael Jackson.
    What made me love him at first? That Moonwalker arcade game.
    Days after I first played Moonwalker, some radio station played “BAD” song and I was like … Hey, I know this song, it’s from the first level of Moonwalker. I bought the album and became a fan since then.

  4. Monado says:

    Mj is boss. Sonic deserves more the he is been treated. I miss these magical things.

  5. Twent says:

    The Huffington Post is typically a terrible source for news most of the time, filled with a lot of cultural marxian nonsense, but every so often it does provide the odd decent article now and then.

  6. Eck says:

    The ‘Blues’ term would probably be better directed as a catch-all umbrella term for the Sega fans in general instead of just in describing a Sonic follower specifically, after all the only reason Sonic is blue at all in the first place is because he got it from the Sega logo brand.

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