SEGA Pluto Back On Auction Block


Have a couple of grand you want to burn on a rare piece of SEGA hardware? Roger Vega, a.k.a. kidvid666, has put his rare SEGA Pluto system up on eBay after its initial auction ended at $7,600, failing to meet its reserve limit.

The SEGA Pluto is a sub-planet SEGA Saturn variant, of which only two knowingly exist in the world. The system, while much larger than its model 1 and 2 Saturn brethren (and roughly larger than a combined Model 2 Mega Drive and Mega CD), features a built-in NetLink modem, enabling the system to connect to the Internet for web browsing and playing certain online-enabled titles such as Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition, SEGA Rally,  Saturn Bomberman, and Virtual On. Otherwise, the system is a typical U.S. NTSC Saturn.

Vega demonstrates in a YouTube video that the system, while fully functional, has a broken disc door that needs to have constant pressure weighing it down in order for the system to function properly. As of this posting, the auction is at $501 with over 21 bidders. It is set to end on May 10.

[Image courtesy of Roger Vega]


5 responses to “SEGA Pluto Back On Auction Block

  1. mylifewithsega says:

    God, I still can’t afford it. FUCK!

  2. peachlife says:

    why didnt he put it on ebay in the first place? The initial bidders from the the last auction are frustrated at being shut down, so they are unlikely to bid again and the hype that was around when the system was first discovered is now gone… He hasn’t really managed this well at all..

  3. ptpattycakes says:

    I bid $531.00 on it and was the high bidder for like an hour…….at least i tried 😉

  4. Nux says:

    I bid on it for the hell of it, lol. The reserve is gonna be too high for pretty much anyone, I think.

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