SEGA Networks confirms layoffs in the West, including Three Rings Design Inc.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.53.37 PMWe’re sad to report that there have been some layoffs at SEGA Networks’ mobile division in the West. As confirmed by VentureBeat, SEGA Networks has laid off an undisclosed number of employees which includes all of Three Rings Design Inc. (developers of PSO inspired MMO Spiral Knights for PC, and mobile games Spellwood and Corpse Craft) as well as a small number of team members on the publishing side of mobile.

The reason has been attributed to SEGA’s new focus in internally developed IP-based games, the localization of Japanese mobile games, and (I’m putting this in quotes as it is direct from SEGA Networks’ mouth, and I don’t quite understand it) “mass market view-per-play games designed to further Sega’s network strategy in the West.” SEGA also cites “challenging and hyper-competitive mobile market conditions” as a reason for the layoffs.

Regardless of the market conditions, being laid-off sucks and we here at SEGAbits wish nothing but the best for those employees affected.


21 responses to “SEGA Networks confirms layoffs in the West, including Three Rings Design Inc.

  1. Monado says:

    And we all just kinda think its all good at sega. Alas in advance i think they are shifting away from mobile. Its a crowded base. Too many indies

  2. OriginalName says:

    Condolences to those that have lost their jobs, particularly the people behind Spiral Knight, which was a well-received game. I wish them the best of luck and fortune in the future.

    I have to say that I’m so excited to hear in no uncertain terms that they are placing their focus on internally-developed IP. This is what I’ve always actually wanted from Sega.

  3. J says:

    Except for the people who have to find new jobs now, this is awesome. I’m happy to see that Sega is making the moves it needs to shift the company around.

  4. CrispX says:

    More sonic games for mobile, let’s start to vomit here.

  5. Shinobi100 says:

    Death to mobile. Can I get an amen?

  6. Hitrax says:

    What appears to otherwise be bad news is in-fact really good news for Sega as a whole then it seems.

  7. Monado says:

    Aaaaaaymen. The mobile illussion has been goin on forbway to long. Those games were just as simple as game and watch.

  8. luckmonster says:

    Better keep puzzle pirates open u arse holes!

  9. Redtart says:

    I agree with luckmonster don’t kill our game.

  10. Faewen says:

    Puzzle Pirates is an amazing game which has been around since 2003, please PLEASE don’t axe this. It still attracts old and young and I for one, have been playing since 2004. Sell it off to someone who can take it forward not let it stagnate.

  11. Justine says:

    I echo all the comments about Puzzle Pirates. I have been playing this game for 10 yrs and still stay up until all hours with the in-game community enjoying the interactions between flags and crews. The puzzles are intricately designed and very addictive and it would be a crying shame if all this work went to waste.

  12. Marsu says:

    So what does this mean? That three rings is separate from SEGA now or that it doesn’t exist soon? If the latter, hands off! YPP! can’t be killed. It’s the only game I know of that is impossible to quit… Even if you dont play for a while it’ll always get you back because it is so awesome!

  13. Gen says:

    What’s Puzzle Pirates about and where can you get it?
    Never even heard of that one before.
    I know Chain Chronicles which us probably one of the few decent mobile games I’ve tried so far.

  14. Barry the Nomad says:

    Curious, did this article get posted in a Puzzle Pirates message board? I’ve never met this many fans of the game. Not being snarky, honestly curious.

  15. PJ says:

    What are ‘view-per-play games’?

  16. Me says:

    You better not kill off Puzzle Pirates – think of all the real money people have put into the game on the non-subscription oceans. It would really suck. Already the response from the support team is really slow. But this game should be saved.

  17. pete says:

    please dont kill puzzle pirates . I have spent too much time and money in to this game to see it gone it would be ashame .

  18. Danie says:

    Please don’t shut down Puzzle Pirates, life wouldn’t be the same without it. Is there anything we can do to help?

  19. Can one of you please explain where all the Puzzle Pirates fans are coming from? Also, I noticed a few of you are posting under multiple names in support of the game…

    • Redtart says:

      I didn’t post under multiple names only my character name in the game and many people from Puzzle Pirates do read about games dev news, like Danie explained it is more than just fun puzzles it is a great community and of course after such news a reaction was expected from the players.

  20. Danie, because The Sea is a Mystery says:

    There are many fans of puzzle pirates… True it might be common to complain about how things are on a daily, sometimes hourly basis… Having been a Captain and Monarch (#1 flag and crew for a length of time) – when it comes down to it, I, as well as many others have played PP for 8+ years. It is an amazing game with lots of fun responsibilities, puzzles and a place to interact with great people. I think the game couldn’t be set up any better- everything from sailing your ship whoms performance is based on the quality of the puzzlers performance on board, playing parlor games, running shoppes, monster battles, wars, it has it all – except that I think the release of the Kraken Hunt really hurt the population since everyone ran elite runs which meant new players didn’t have a chance to interact or participate. No pillies, Cit runs, or other SMHs on the notice board for months after the KH release. They should have released it in a timed manner, such as certain days or something, giving other runs a chance to job and run, and new players a chance to interact and stick around. – amd as far as fans go, I know many, many, many players that log on and play daily. Most people that aren’t fans, as with any part of life, usually didn’t have things go their way and there is no better way to pout than to dis. Even the haters log on to hang out on the dock and chat with others, BUT, back on the subject, PP shouldn’t be closed down.. maybe sold or something…?

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