SEGA News Bits: SEGA survey includes classic IPs discussion

SEGA wants fans to “Help Us Make Our Games Better” by unleashing a new survey which asks what your favorite classic SEGA franchises are! Did your favorite IP make the list? Find out as George and Barry go through all the classic franchises mentioned in the survey.

Want to take the survey? Check it out here and don’t forget to tick that SEGAbits box when they ask you what fan sites you frequent!

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9 responses to “SEGA News Bits: SEGA survey includes classic IPs discussion

  1. CrispX says:

    Already made it. Go Jet Set Radio Future!

  2. I realize you are on a conquest to mention JSRF in every comment you make, but I am going to have to ask you to keep such comments contained to articles actually about JSRF or SEGA reviving old IPs. In this context, it fits. But spamming articles, like the recent Valkyria Chronicles ones, is uncalled for and such comments will be marked as spam. Continuing this will result in a ban. Thanks.

  3. QuietWyatt says:

    George is a very agreeable person isn’t he?

  4. Monado says:

    I want streets of rage 4 if we are going to mention what we want. By the wqy i red on imdb that there is a streets of rage movie in development by sega. It is marked to be in development since 2016

  5. Sestren RK'd says:

    I’m at a loss of words how to react with the IPs where you guys basically said “It’s going to happen even if we say no”, since I guess the arcade purist in me doesn’t really identify them as “Sega” properties, but that’s my take. I kind of feel that Sega Rally is another property that needs to be done by its creators, the games after Mizuguchi left didn’t have the same feel as the first two did.

    As much as I prefer consoles over mobile, if a lot of Sega IPs ended up going the way of the latter, I wouldn’t mind if they supported a controller peripheral over using a touch screen. My problem with some of the games they advertise is that they’re very much like existing games but with a Sega theme instead, when I think they should be trying to put their unique mark on what a mobile game could be. Imagine Puyo Puyo on mobile.

    I feel they should have released compilations of their Model 2 and 3 arcade games on the last gen consoles, but they were kind of all over the place. It would’ve been perfect if we got one with the Elite Edition of Virtua Cop 1 & 2, and the third thrown in for good measure.

    Damn fine music in that video BTW, lol.

  6. Senjav says:

    Where’s that little jingle tune from? Seems familiar.
    Sure I’ve heard it somewhere before years ago.

  7. Sestren RK'd says:

    It’s the Game Over jingle from Super Fantasy Zone.

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