SEGA News Bits: Flappy Bird Comes To Dreamcast’s VMU

Remember Flappy Bird, the mobile game that apparently destroyed people’s lives because of its simplicity? A SEGA fan going by the name of guacasaurus_mex has recreated Flappy Bird for SEGA’s Visual Memory Unit, so if you want to play it make sure you have some spare CR-2032 lithium batteries and lots of patience. Hit the play above and listen to me and Barry talk about Flappy Bird, VMUs and even Rappy Bird?

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2 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Flappy Bird Comes To Dreamcast’s VMU

  1. ChocoLand says:

    In the past I’ve set aside a precious chunk of mortality to master a few crappy games. I think some would agree there’s a certain satisfaction there that you don’t get from playing the classics :]

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Most people who buy a Dreamcast SD Reader. It comes with a free copy of DreamShell with the VMU tool installed. DreamShell is basically an operating system like Windows. and VMU Tool is an application. If the file is already on the SD Card it is pretty simple.

    If you have an SD Card reader it is unlikely you won’t have DreamShell.

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