Galloping Ghost Arcade’s SEGA Week tournament games revealed


SEGA Week at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL (just outside Chicago) kicks off today! While we have a lot of fun stuff planned for this Saturday the 30th, dubbed SEGAbits Saturday (which you can read more about here), all week long you can take part in tournaments for ten SEGA arcade games. Simply show up to the arcade, ask the front desk for more information, and start playing. But what will you be playing? That was a mystery… until today.

While we knew there would be some new games added to the arcade as part of the tournament, the big surprise was that all games in the tournament are new to the arcade! Players will battle for the high scores in: The rare SEGA AM2 action game Arabian Fight, the Tetris-like puzzler Bloxeed, the classic puzzle game ColumnsFantasy Zone starring everyone’s favorite Opa Opa, the 2D fighter Golden Axe the Duel, Zaxxon‘s sequel/revision Super Zaxxon and the Westone developed Wonder Boy, the beat ’em up Fist of the North Star, and biggest of all (literally) the sit down deluxe Galaxy Force II! So come on over to Galloping Ghost Arcade all week long for dozens of classic SEGA arcade games and more.

Note: Astro Blaster has been pulled due to technical issues, but will be replaced with another game soon.


5 responses to “Galloping Ghost Arcade’s SEGA Week tournament games revealed

  1. Harlemknight116 says:

    It would of been nice if they had something like this in New York.

    • Thunderforce says:

      New York City is a bigger city, let there be no doubt, but Chicago is the *better* city, and our vast suburbs (like Brookfield) are the best in the entire United States, IMHO.

    • Not to mention Chicago has deep roots in arcades and gaming. I mean, it was (and is) the pinball capital of the world. We also have arcade distribution companies including Raw Thrills, SEGA Amusements, and Namco as well as past studios including Midway. NetherRealm Studios made Mortal Kombat X in Chicago recently as well.

      Also, space is at a premium in NYC whereas in Chicago it is very easy to build a business in the surrounding areas and still be accessible.

  2. Barry promised to fly me to Chicago, but my ticket still hasn’t come in the mail.

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