Multiplayer Showcase Sets the Stage with Saturn Bomberman

Wondering what to look for in a SEGA Saturn game now that Saturn game encryption has finally been cracked? Why not one of the biggest multiplayer experiences on the console? Multiplayer Showcase continues to take a look at Saturn Bomberman by covering our favorite stages, gimmicks, exploit the dinosaurs and try to figure out what the kick power up looks like. The round table discussion features my friends Chance, Krys, Randy and Chelsea. (Who didn’t play with us but has actually played the game before!) We talk about the simple wide stage. What are your favorite levels or gimmicks from the game? Do the dinosaurs break the game for you or your friends? Sound off in the comments section.

Multiplayer Showcase is the premiere review show covering multiplayer games that are long forgotten or have become obsolete. I gather as many people as I can to play these old games and gather them around a table to talk about how these games hold up.

You can check out some of our previous videos including the first part of Saturn Bomberman, the last episode featuring Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and an older live stream covering Sonic Advance 3, Jet Set Radio GBA and San Francisco Rush 2049.


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