SEGA AGES Virtua Racing slated for Spring 2019 release, multiplayer information revealed

After several months of silence, SEGA has dropped new information regarding to SEGA AGES Virtua Racing in the latest issue of Famitsu. The main bulk of the new information is regarding to the game’s multiplayer. SEGA AGES Virtua Racing will support both local and online multiplayer, the latter notable due to it being the first online-supported multiplayer title in the SEGA AGES line-up that isn’t related to a puzzle game. For online multiplayer, players will be restricted to one vs. one matches, while for local multiplayer people will have the option to play up to 8 players and the option to change the amount of laps between 5 and 20. Local multiplayer will use the “old-school” style of displaying all the racers, using a classic split-screen approach.

In addition, it’s revealed that SEGA AGES Virtua Racing will be slated for a Spring 2019 release date in Japan. However, due to SEGA’s track record of these SEGA AGES titles being delayed, expect a summer release date instead. No other information regarding to a pricing or release dates outside of Japan have been revealed.

[Source: GematsuRyokutya2089]

SEGA releases videos for all 18 multiplayer modes in Puyo Puyo Chronicles

Battle Skill

Puyo Puyo Chronicles has a lot of multiplayer modes, almost up to 20 modes in fact. The game compiles up to 18 multiplayer modes that features returning modes from past games such as Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary, Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, and a mode from Puyo Puyo Tetris, along with the new Skill Battle mode loosely based on the game’s Quest mode. The large amount of modes means that regardless of who you are, you’re bound to find a favorite, and generally making the game flexible in terms of options.

To see all 18 videos and descriptions describing each mode, please click below.

Retro Community Day Returns with Sonic Transformed on PC this Saturday


Once upon a time, Sonic Retro hosted the Retro Community Day where everyone came to play games with us and the community and just be our general goofy selves.This weekend we’re bringing it back with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on PC/Steam this Saturday at 5PM Central. Send your friend request on Steam to my (Bartman3010) account, which I conveniently named SEGA Channel Retro and watch for an invite to come play with us! We’ll be livestreaming the event to record my great feats. Or is that me getting horribly beaten? In any case, send in your requests early and come see us this weekend!

Multiplayer Showcase Sets the Stage with Saturn Bomberman

Wondering what to look for in a SEGA Saturn game now that Saturn game encryption has finally been cracked? Why not one of the biggest multiplayer experiences on the console? Multiplayer Showcase continues to take a look at Saturn Bomberman by covering our favorite stages, gimmicks, exploit the dinosaurs and try to figure out what the kick power up looks like. The round table discussion features my friends Chance, Krys, Randy and Chelsea. (Who didn’t play with us but has actually played the game before!) We talk about the simple wide stage. What are your favorite levels or gimmicks from the game? Do the dinosaurs break the game for you or your friends? Sound off in the comments section.

To Type or Not to Type: The Typing of the Dead OVERKILL Shakespeare DLC with Multiplayer Update now available for $2.99

SEGA has just recently released the promised DLC for The Typing of the Dead: OVERKILL on STEAM for only $2.99 which players can download here. The DLC features a new experience by killing mutants with the words of Shakespeare. Also included within the DLC update is the multiplayer feature with online co-op for Typing and Overkill mode. For more info and images, hit the jump.

Check out Binary Domain’s Multiplayer Mode in this new trailer

With Binary Domain set to launch at the end of this month, SEGA’s has released this new trailer showing the mulitplayer mode off for the first time since mentioning it late last year. The trailer shows off the two forces players can take control of: either the resistence fighters or the elite government soldiers as they go head to head in several modes. Also showcased towards the end of the trailer is the game’s very own horde mode, where players will take control of humans as they try to take down armies of robots. Binary Domain is set to release 16th February in Japan, 24th February in Europe and Australia and 28th February for the United States on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Anarchy Reigns: Multiplayer Anarchy Trailer

Another trailer fresh from Games Com 2011, check out the Anarchy Reigns ‘Multiplayer Anarchy’ trailer. The character designers over at Platinum Games went wild with this game and the combos are stylish and brutal another of Platinum’s calling cards!

The trailer shows off game modes including Death Match (kill everyone), Survival (team up and defeat the horde) and at the end of the trailer what looks like a hint at some kind of Vs. American football style game with weapons! The trailer also shows that you can pick up items and weapons from the battlefield and use them against your enemies! Yet another similarity to Power Stone!

Anarchy Reigns will release in January 2012 for Xbox360 and PS3.

Total War: Shogun 2 – Multiplayer Tutorial Part 2

Check out this new multiplayer video feature for Shogun 2:Total War. This video narrated by that quirky guy who’s probably called Mark or Sebastian. It’s been so long since Multiplayer Tutorial Part 1 that I don’t even remember what happened in it. But rest assured that Shogun 2 is a brilliant game and this is worth a watch if only for the commentary from Jeff.

(Boy do I wish he had introduced himself!)

Shogun 2 Multiplayer Walkthrough Part 1

Here is a fantastic trailer showing off the new multiplayer features of Shogun 2 in full detail. Learn how to play the new MMO-like persistent world game, join clans and customize your general. The game looks truly awesome.

New Conduit 2 Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer Modes

Today IGN has posted a trailer for Conduit 2, this one giving us a (somewhat surprisingly) brief look at the multiplayer modes, likely one of game’s bigger selling points. The trailer’s only about a minute long, but you can hit the break for some of what you can expect from the game’s multiplayer if you don’t want to watch it for yourself.

Sonic Colors Multiplayer Features Classic Maps

While we here at SEGAbits can’t post every single image and video related to Sonic Colors as they appear (if we did that, we’d have to post about five posts a day pertaining to Colors), this one specifically caught my interest. While browsing the Sonic Stadium Message Board, I came across new videos of Sonic Colors multiplayer mode. Nothing really new compared to older videos of the mode, but I had a familiar feeling when watching the footage. What could it be? After a bit of back and forth with other forum members, we came to the conclusion that… (dramatic pause, unless you read the headline)

Sonic Colours Multiplayer hands on

Here is a video showing off the brand new multiplayer game play in Sonic Colours for the Wii. You will unlock multiplayer levels as you collect hidden red rings in the single player zones.

Multiplayer is a Co-op affair with where you use wisp powers to help each other get though the level. There is also a hint of competitiveness to keep things exciting.

I personally hope they also bring back a VS racing mode like in the classics or Sonic Adventure 2:Battle.

Sonic Colors Multiplayer Revealed

Not long ago, leaked the above screenshot on their website. Many speculated that the screenshot was proof of some sort of co-operative multiplayer mode.

Well, turns out those speculations where right! SEGA recently stopped by IGN’s offices to drop off the latest build of Sonic Colors, and the new co-op mode was the highlight.

According to IGN, the two players control “Sonic Robots”, which are put through a simulation built by Eggman. The co-op mode is unlocked by those red medallions that we’ve been seeing in the level videos. While there is a limited amount of competition between the two players, there will also be many instances where they will need to work together, such as combining two different wisp powers to overcome an obstacle.

IGN also noted that the co-op mode could be rather difficult, in contrast to the easier levels we’ve seen in the demos so far.

No word on whether or not the mode will go online, but given the Wii’s track record with online co-op I doubt it.

To read the article and get the rest of the info, go here.

Aliens vs Predator ultimate multiplayer trailer

Prepare for war! This is the ULTIMATE Multiplayer trailer for Aliens vs Predator! (According to its youtube title anyway.) I can’t argue, it does look pretty sexy.

The trailer boasts of 7 multiplayer modes including Infestation, Predator Hunt, Survivor, Domination, Death Match, Species Death Match and Mixed Species Death Match. Spliced togeather with some very gory scenes.

Finally it shows the release date, 19.2.2010. The game will be available on Xbox360, PS3 and PC.