Project Sonic 2017 announced for Holiday 2017 for PS4/XBOX One/NX/PC

Just at the end of the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Party, SEGA had one last surprise. This is Project Sonic 2017, a modern Sonic game being worked on by Sonic Team. It is coming to PS4, XBOX One, PC and NX Holiday 2017! Enjoy the trailer. Holiday 2017 is pretty far away, SEGA is all about quality now though. So the wait will be worth it most likely.


10 responses to “Project Sonic 2017 announced for Holiday 2017 for PS4/XBOX One/NX/PC

  1. retro says:

    also coming on pc guys you forgot to put it

  2. Shenmue 3 and a proper Sonic title at the same time. Awesome!

  3. bolki says:

    Man oh my days. Im rising fwom my gwave. A proper sonic yessssss. Im back guys.

    And shenmue 3. Fap fap. This is way to much. What is next? Panzer dragoon saga remake? With 20hours more gameplay.

    Pfffffff. Man man. Sega keep going. And maybe. Just maybe. One day. A new sega console

    • Eck says:

      That’d be the icing on the cake but purely from a business decision there’d probably not be any incentive for Sega to return to the home hardware market yet, definitely not this gen anyway but Sega still has a big memorable legacy which would help temped them in future, maybe when the PlayStation is finally past its sell by date as a brand (some say Sony is unlikely to do another PlayStation by name), and their brand is the most powerful thing they have and what has made their subsequent systems be a success.
      The reason Sega got involved in the home hardware market in the first place was after the crash of ’83, when it gave Sega an opportunity to convert their coin-op to the domestic market, Sega has always technically been a hardware developer as well as a software one and they still are, they only ceased and suspended their home hardware series in 2001, they have still produced their own arcade console hardware systems however, in-fact, pretty much every Sega home console was actually just an extended variation of their arcade console in a box – which was a big part of Sega’s strategy – enabling it to be easier for devs to port their arcade hits to the home market.
      If/when they did re-enter the home hardware market, its doubtful this would be a feasible reason for it, there would have to be another good reason, especially in one where the home consoles future is becoming questionable, which is basically becoming a box that can do everything.

      Interestingly though, after Isao Okawa closed down Sega’s home hardware revision in April 2000 – which was called Sega ‘Away 23’ team, they re-opened it up under a different name in 2014 – when Sega bought Atlus.

      If ‘Sega did re-launch one of their home consoles officially it would no doubt be a success like how Nintendo is doing with their new Nes mini. As Sega still has a big legacy as a home hardware manufacturer.

  4. Lenno says:

    First time I’ve felt excited about Sega’s stuff for years, though the newest Sonic will be over a year late to marking the 25th anniversary in late 2017, past 23/6/16, still better that if it means Sega gets more time to polish it properly.

  5. why would they bring back classic sonic and it look like its about to be that horrible gameplay again

  6. bolki says:

    At michael. Don’t cry. If u don’t like it skip it. U will miss a lot tho LOL. if u paid attention. U’d see it’s a real remaster.

    It’s a loss for u.


  7. Lauren says:

    I hope my computer can handle this game . It can’t handle Overwatch .

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