SEGA Renews Virtua Fighter Trademark

maxresdefaultI saw this floating around Twitter a few days ago, but has now been covered by VFDC and Shoryuken so why not cover it? SEGA has renewed the Virtua Fighter trademark according to trademarkia on July 4th. What does renewing the Virtua Fighter trademark possibly mean for the future of the franchise? Possibly nothing, seeing as SEGA does this all the time. Back in 2012 we did a story about SEGA renewing the Skies of Arcadia trademark and now we know that didn’t mount to much.

Of course SEGA renewed the Virtua Fighter trademark to protect its IP, not to mention they still do stuff with the franchise from time to time. For example Virtua fighter characters have had cameos in games like Smash Bros, Dead or Alive 5 ,Project x Zone 1/2 and even Dengeki Bunko: Fighting ClimaxAs we covered before, it has been a decade since the release of Virtua Fighter 5 and if the franchise needs anything its a new entry. Bring on Virtua Fighter 6, SEGA!

I personally think SEGA can test the market by re-releasing Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown definitive edition on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Maybe try some experiments like Tecmo Koei did with Dead or Alive which had a free-to-play version and a full package release. But anyway, what are your thoughts on SEGA renewing the Virtua Fighter trademark? What do you want to see for the future of the franchise?


4 responses to “SEGA Renews Virtua Fighter Trademark

  1. Harlemknight116 says:

    We’ll wait and see. Hopefully, they will announce VF6!

  2. me says:

    I’d love a new VF game, but since I’m poor I can’t afford a PS4/XO, so… I’m just hoping they’ll do a PC release this time around, if they don’t make it arcade-only.

    One can hope.

  3. am2model3 says:

    Yes! VF5:FS for PS4, XBO, and PC! I would love that!

    I also would like to get VF5:R somehow, those different stages coloring would be great to experience.
    I also want VF4:FinalTuned! = )

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