SEGA News Bits: Streets of Rage Turns 25 Years Old

On this SEGA News Bits, George and Barry split a trash can chicken and look back on SEGA’s iconic beat ’em up franchise Streets of Rage. Known as Bare Knuckle in its country of origin, Japan, Streets of Rage was SEGA’s answer to Final Fight. Now, 25 years later, many would argue Streets of Rage completely overshadowed the very franchise it set out to compete against. Enjoy the video, and after watching why not play some Streets of Rage? In the comments below, tell us your favorite franchise memories.

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3 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Streets of Rage Turns 25 Years Old

  1. Dale says:

    From the first game standouts would be the music and the car you call in, it comes racing in, then stops, and a bazooka cannon is launched and that incoming missile screams as it coming in. Yeah good game. Hope Sega vol2 3ds with this on it comes out soon.

  2. ballp says:

    When will there be a new streets of rage? Sega really bailed out on the great sor potential.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    The ports for SOR were handled by Ancient. Not SOA.

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