SEGA 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE compilation announced for Nintendo 3DS


It has just been announced that SEGA 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE, a physical collection of SEGA 3D Classics will be coming to Japan. In the West, we only got SEGA 3D Archives 2 as SEGA 3D Classics Collection earlier this year.

Games confirmed in SEGA 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE:

  • After Burner II
  • Super Hang-On
  • Streets of Rage 2
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Gunstar Heroes 
  • More to come

According to SEGA’s questionnaire that Japanese fans filled out lots of people want to see titles like Wing War, Gain Ground, Outrunners, and Virtua Racing to join the SEGA 3D Classics line-up. Famitsu didn’t reveal which was the number one requested game, you will have to wait for September 15 to find out since that’s when their magazine comes out. But let me spoil it for you, I bet you it was Virtua Fighter. SEGA 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE could get new timed exclusive titles, just like the last volume had Puyo Puyo 2 and Drift Stage as timed exclusives. SEGA 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE is set to hit Japan on December 22, 2016. No idea if SEGA West will plan on bringing it over.

[Source: Famitsu]


3 responses to “SEGA 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE compilation announced for Nintendo 3DS

  1. U-10 says:

    It’d be pretty surprising to see M2 tackle the Model 1 games (Wing War, Virtua Racing, etc.), at the very least, since they’re mostly known for 2D game ports.

  2. Drift says:

    Didn’t know those two games were timed exclusives. When does that time run out? I want Puyo Puyo 2.

  3. AfroRyan says:

    Gain Ground in 3D would be awesome. The top-down view seems like it was made for it. There’s a lot of attack animations that would look cool in 3D, too.

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