Unused never before seen Virtua Fighter characters discovered

We thought Siba was the only unused fighter in the original Virtua Fighter arcade game (he later appeared in Fighters Megamix), but now it looks like there were more fighters left out of the tournament based on newly discovered in-game files. A hacker named Jed Hudson has made a recent discovery of more unused Virtua Fighter characters within the game’s data.

The first unused character is Siba, going by the name of “Majido”. Next up, an earlier version of Akira Yuki. Then we have Jeff, a commando-like fighter similar to Prototype Jack from the Tekken franchise.

For a more in-depth look on the characters, check out the video above and after the break check out some screenshots.


4 responses to “Unused never before seen Virtua Fighter characters discovered

  1. Ravsieg says:

    That early Akira is definitely where Kazuya came from. Seiichi Ishii, you thief!
    Now seriously, it’s uncanny. Ishii helped develop VF then broke away to create Tekken, in case you don’t know. So it’s pretty suspicious an early unfinished design for the main character has got a near 100% copy as the protagonist for the other…

  2. Hitrax says:

    Looks like an army commando type guy from the military.
    The other Siba, being some Arabian prince type.
    And the other I first thought was originally going to be a Bruce Lee-esque type fighter, maybe that was the prototype for the brother and sister Bryants – Jackie and Sarah, he fights more like Jackie – with a few influences from Akira, and Jackie uses Jeet Kune Do – which Bruce Lee founded.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    Siba… doesn’t have any moves that make him Arabic in anyway…

    @ Hitrax: All Arabs dress like that on a daily basis not just prince.

  4. cube_b3 sucks says:

    Stop barking.
    No one cares about your worthless opinions.

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