New SEGA survey asking fans what franchises they want to see revived

skiesofarcadiaarchieSEGA of Japan has launched a new SEGA survey asking fans various questions including what past franchise are they fond of, what character in a particular franchise is important to them and what franchise they’d want to see SEGA revive. This new SEGA survey isn’t surprising seeing as the company promised back in 2015 to be going in a new ‘fan oriented’ direction. With projects like Sonic Mania, Daytona 3 Championship USA, and even bringing back Valkyria Chronicles (not exactly how i’d want but whatever) its easy to see that SEGA will be leaning more towards what fans really want from the company. SEGA Japan says they will announce what games and characters got the most votes on November 20th, 2016. We will of course post the results on the blog, so check back on Sunday.

This new SEGA survey is obviously for a Japanese audience, but regardless of that I think everyone should let their voices be heard, so I encourage all of you to click here and take the survey for yourselves. Please make sure you have a moment to sit and ponder because picking one SEGA game and character to pick is harder than you might think.

If you had to pick one SEGA franchise that was published before 2014 to resurrect, what game would you pick? Let us know in the comments below!


20 responses to “New SEGA survey asking fans what franchises they want to see revived

  1. Antonio D'Ambrosio says:


  2. Luffink says:

    I know I didn’t go too far behind, but I’d love to see a new Sega All Stars Racing. In the first question, though, I chose Billy Hatcher

  3. James Barton says:

    I picked Streets of Rage because I think it has the best chance to succeed in today’s world and would bring a lot of people back into Sega’s stable.

    Plus, the Koshiros are still alive and well. Let’s make it happen!

  4. SEGANut says:

    I translated everything with Google Translate and voted for Wild Woody.

    I have no regrets.


  5. Snowdrama says:

    Someone tell me that a Gunvalkyrie with more modern third person shooter controls wouldn’t be AMAZING

  6. SOUP says:

    Space Channel 5 and Panzer Dragoon

  7. Chrysolite Stone says:

    Voted PSO and Ulala. Also mentioned I miss PSP2i’s style since it’s non-playable on Vita. Then I squeezed in more about how I’ve always awaited a sequel or prequel to Skies of Arcadia.

  8. Deefy says:

    I was very torn between Streets of Rage and Panzer Dragoon, I finally decided to Panzer Dragoon, also because I have the hope that something about Streets of Rage sooner or later will be done.

  9. Nik says:

    A prequel to panzer saga, or sequel, would be nice, or a new shining force, or golden axe, or vanquish 2,or even a virtual on game as well, and a fighters mega mix 2,alongside a new console, lol

  10. H Hog says:

    F’kin Alex Kidd. Natch.

  11. Icey says:

    If you want to vote for Streets of Rage, you must select the first
    answer at the first question then type ベア・ナックル which is Bare Knuckle in kanji.
    Blaze Fielding is already among the answers for the second question ( ブレイズ・フィールディング ).
    In the third question you can also answer ベア・ナックル which is Bare Knuckle in kanji.

  12. kolbabo says:

    streets of rage for sure. im shocked by some of u wanting space channel. isnt project diva and hatsune miku allready enough? im really mad at how man nowadays feminized themselv es. come one damnit get back to your true nature given by the nature itself. born as a mana nd brainwashed by the tube and hesitating about your nature and gender. im disgusted. sega is in its identity a true grown up country in contra to what nintendo is and was. a childrens console.
    streets of rage yeah

    • OriginalName says:

      Personally, even though I’m absolutely awful at Space Channel 5, I really think that Sega should go out of their way to re-establish the franchise because while the genre itself clearly has staying power, an original IP is bound to have more legs than a licensed one. Also, it took me a few attempts to be polite in this reply, but man, there is nothing wrong with more variety in games. Personally, I want for a game to be great by nature of its own design. Space Channel 5, NiGHTS into Dreams, Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon, and Rez aren’t inherently manly in anyway, and they shouldn’t have to be. They don’t need to appeal to masculinity in order to be great games. There is absolutely no problem with that.

      If you want masculine games, you are spoiled with choices, I assure you. Also, nature is about 95% animals raping and murdering one another. It’s really not so unbelievably awesome that we should go out of our way to reducing our entertainment to three genres in order to appease it.

  13. AfroRyan says:

    Voted Panzer Dragoon and wrote in Gain Ground.

  14. I went with Burning Rangers just cause it probably won’t get many votes and I wanna be the one guy representing that game. However, I love lots of Sega IPs, so I’ll be happy with whatever comes out of this.

  15. Raki cola says:

    Streets of rage

  16. HB says:

    Please bring NiGHTS back! 😩

  17. AMGermany says:

    I would like to see many things but for me a new Virtua Fighter is the most wanted, because Virtua Fighter is the best game for a long-time-distance.

  18. celso says:

    Results from the stream:

    Most hoped revival:
    1. Sakura Wars (2457)
    2. Jet Set Radio (1485)
    3. Virtual On (729)
    4. Shenmue (727)
    5. Virtua Fighter (581)
    6. Panzer Dragoon (538)
    7. Shining Force (518)
    8. Skies of Arcadia (483)
    9. Streets of Rage (437)
    10. NiGHTS into dreams… (261)

    Brand you’re most invested in:
    1. Sakura Wars (1843)
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog (1284)
    3. Phantasy Star Online (1155)
    4. Virtua Fighter (991)
    5. Jet Set Radio (913)
    6. Yakuza (878)
    7. Panzer Dragoon (873)
    8. Sega Saturn (658)
    9. Persona (636)
    10. Hatsune Miku Project Diva (614)

    Favorite character:
    1. Segata Sanshiro (1840)
    2. Kazuma Kiryu (1521)
    3. Ryo Hazuki (1446)
    4. Bayonetta (1375)
    5. NiGHTS (850)
    6. Dr. Eggman (651)
    7. Temjin (591)
    8. Arle (577)
    9. Alex Kidd (576)
    10. Ulala (492)


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