Valkyria: Azure Revolution box art revealed, introduction trailer released

The latest game in the Valkyria, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, has it’s box art revealed, along with an accompanying introduction trailer. The box art for the PS4 and PSVita versions share the same artwork, with a noticeably more depressing color scheme that mixes grey and blue colors and features the character Amleth, a departure from the more vivid colors from past games. Both box art covers can be seen here and here.

Meanwhile the new trailer acts as a prologue to the events that take place in Valkyria: Azure Revolution, about how the titular Azure Revolution helped expand the Rus Empire into conquering the majority of Europe, and Jutland being the only kingdom left that can stop it.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release on January 19th, 2017 in Japan. No release outside of Japan has been announced.

[Source: Segalization]



2 responses to “Valkyria: Azure Revolution box art revealed, introduction trailer released

  1. AMGermany says:

    Bring it to europe Sega

  2. Nei says:

    Asa huge Valkyria fan I am sad to everything about this release except the OST feels really subpar 🙁

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