Valkyria: Azure Revolution to focus less on action and more on strategy due to demo feedback


Valkyria: Azure Revolution, a spin-off from SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles franchise, saw a demo released in Japan alongside the retail release of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for PS4 in early February. While Valkyria Chronicles Remastered was met with positive reactions, reactions to the demo of Valkyria: Azure Revolution were mixed to say the least. According to Siliconera, via Hachima, developer Media.Vision received three times the amount of player feedback than expected and plenty of it was harsh. Based on what they heard, the developer has since reworked the battle system, which was more action oriented in the demo, to be more RPG-like in the final game.

Added is a new action gauge for both sides of combat which will allow players to strategize. The new system will allow actions to be done once the gauge fills, and players will be able to stop time while using weapons and abilities – much like a traditional RPG. The game’s director, Takeshi Ozawa, believed that since this is a Valkyria title, a more strategic battle system was required. It’s great that Media.Vision is taking the feedback to heart, but it is kind of odd that it took them this long to realize that a Valkyria Chronicles game functions best when the combat has strategy involved. Makes me wonder if this early demo was a test to see if a action Valkyria game would fly with fans.

The next demo for the game should be available this summer.

[Via: Siliconera]


4 responses to “Valkyria: Azure Revolution to focus less on action and more on strategy due to demo feedback

  1. Artwark says:

    Whaaa?!?!?! SEGA finally listening!?!?!?

  2. Monty says:

    Should Sega really have listened this time? I think they shoulda stood firm. I mean, this game is supposta to be a spinoff, right? Why it gotta totally adhere to the main titles formula?

  3. esscrack says:

    I agree with monty. Im more into action. Even tho strategy is a good element. I think sega didnt listen but they saw it fit cause a strategy game doesnt need distance rate and a big world and all that. Im a game maker myself so i know what im talking about. Im fully convinced it had nothing to do with listening. They made an easy to make game. Hopefully this game will not dissapoint. More strategy smells like the game natural doctrine which was a cheap alternative to valkyria chronicles. And unfortunately im almost sure sega has gone the cheap way and we will get a game like natural doctrine. And for the dumb esses that we are we are going to buy this game and find out they went from huge to mobile alike natural doctrine rip off called valkyria azure.

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