SEGA 2017 calendar celebrates their retro console releases

tumblr_ohc0435I8N1qzp9weo2_1280SEGA Japan has released a new SEGA 2017 calendar being themed after their multiple consoles they have released in the past. While the SEGA 2017 calendar is exclusive to Japan, they do show that May will feature the SEGA Master System (released in Japan as the Mark III), which was the brand new for western markets. The SEGA 2017 calendar is available to buy via, for those of you interested in purchasing your own.

What is your opinion on the way SEGA of Japan has been releasing a lot of merchandise relating to their past consoles? Is this something you would like SEGA West to do as well? Let us know in the comments below. tumblr_ohc0435I8N1qzp9weo1_500

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3 responses to “SEGA 2017 calendar celebrates their retro console releases

  1. Hitrax says:

    Shows they respect their legacy and remember who they were. They have so many good pro-Sega stuff over their, I just recently got a Ryu Ga Gotoku 0 (Yakuza 0) themed towel officially made by Sega myself, the merchandise there is great, pity the west doesn’t get quite the same output quite as often – though it is getting better than it used to, with western companies selling officially licensed Sega produce like ForbiddenPlanet with their Dreamcast and Shenmue II range, RedBubble with their extensive user generated content relating to Sega and their IPs and Numbskull with official Sega console notebooks, MegaDrive wallets, coasters, apparels, mugs ect ect.

  2. Soldier says:

    Sega start a kick starter and comeback in the console race and bring your weird games with you like illbleed and blue stinger. They both have huge cult followings. Keep the Dream Alive.

  3. Bobgeldoff says:

    The Regular Master Sustem was also released in Japan.

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