Rumor: Miiverse hints at SEGA 3D Classics Collection 2

SEGA 3D Collection 2

SEGA 3D Archives 3: Final Stage, the third and final title in the SEGA 3D Archives trilogy, has recently been released in Japan on December 22nd. Naturally when a new game is released on a Nintendo console, it will gain a complimentary Miiverse community in order to distribute comments or images. But the most interesting aspect about the Miiverse community is the English page, which calls the game “SEGA 3D Classics Collection 2”.

If the name is to be believed, this would mean that SEGA is planning a global release for the 3rd game, similar to how they localized the 2nd game as SEGA 3D Classics Collection in North America and later Europe. This would also mean that the first title would be the only title that remains Japan exclusive. As for the bonus games Girl’s Garden and Champion Boxing that require the previous games to be unlocked, it’s unknown how that would be handled.

However, as of this writing, no official word from SEGA has been given.


3 responses to “Rumor: Miiverse hints at SEGA 3D Classics Collection 2

  1. Dale says:

    Why won’t they give us Japans vol 1 with Streets of Rage, Outrun and Space Harrier? Does it have to do with the Ecco the Dolphin lawsuit that just now wrapped up? Will we ever get “vol1”? Better question is, will we get the box set 1.2.3. ????? Don’t get me wrong, Japans vol3 (our vol2 apparently) is real good but that first one would be nice tho.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I wouldn’t overthink it. Vol 1 likely hit in Japan at a time when SEGA of America were not ready, or had the approval from the higher ups, to release a physical version. By the time we got all the individual releases, there was little incentive to release a retail release of the original, the only bonus games were two 3D SMS games – which I do want to play, but those are not enough to warrant a localization. Vol 2 made sense for the US because it had two exclusive games not yet available and had Sonic on the cover. A localization of vol 3 makes sense as it has even more exclusive games, Sonic 2, and potentially they could sneak in the two 3D SMS games from the original volume.

  2. go says:

    Rerelease again!

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