Daytona 3 Championship USA drops the number, is now Daytona Championship USA


Earlier today, SEGA Amusements shared a trailer for their upcoming Daytona USA sequel Daytona 3 Championship USA. Upon the trailer’s release, fans were quick to notice that the logo and title had been altered to be simply Daytona Championship USA. I’ll admit, I caught it when I made the initial news post but I brushed it off as being either a mistake on SEGA’s part or a localized name for the game in the UK. But after a bit of clicking around on the SEGA Amusements website, it does indeed look like they have dropped the “3” in favor of a more simplified name.

No reason for the game has been given, but I’d guess they felt that the second game was so long ago (19 years) and not as well known as the original that the “3” just complicated things. Dropping the numbers on franchises seems to be a thing seen across the board, with home console games and movies dropping numbering. The game is still the third Daytona USA, and it will feature three new tracks in addition to the three original Daytona USA tracks.


6 responses to “Daytona 3 Championship USA drops the number, is now Daytona Championship USA

  1. OriginalName says:

    I’m curious as to whether it might be because they’re not adding a whole lot of additional content beyond remake tracks. Too early to tell.

  2. Dreamy™ says:

    Bit off topic I know, but was just how does one acquire stock in Sega, does anybody here know?
    Does Sega have a registrar and if so who?
    If you want to invest in Sega, where do you start?

    • Centrale says:

      Direct your broker to Sega Sammy Holdings, Inc. on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    • Dreamy™ says:

      I don’t currently have a broker at the moment as I have been an independent investor for the past few years and have been interested in investing in Sega for years, if I’m currently UK based would their official holdings still be ‘SGAMY’ worldwide?
      Some companies here use what is called a registrar – which acts as a median between companies and shareholders, registrars like Capita, Computershare and Loyds ect, does Sega not have any registrar then?
      There doesn’t seem to be any listing for it on Google.

  3. am2model3 says:

    Exciting for a third Daytona USA game. Little disappointed they dropped the 3.
    I will still call it “Daytona USA 3” and i’m not really going to call it “Daytona Championship USA 3” either. haha.

    This part i’m kind of mixed, they said Daytona3 will have remix of the 3 original tracks (from 1) and 3 all new tracks. I hope the 3 all new tracks are really good. I would have preferred to see 6 all new tracks instead; or rather all Daytona1 & 2 tracks, + 3 or 6 new tracks.

  4. cube_b3 says:

    What about Daytona 2001 and Sega Racing Classic?

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